A Message From Your State Deputy Robert W. Fox

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My brother knights, ladies and families.

On behalf of my fellow state Officers, wives and families I extend my thanks to everyone who attended the installation of officers and District Deputies. It was a great weekend.

Now that summer is gone it's time to plan for gearing up membership. All those who were "gone" for the summer are back and councils should be at full strength. Time to start to do the work of the Order. 

The October Church Drive is approaching and you should have a plan in place. I heard of a district that was not doing the drive because of the fall MI drive and help would be limited. What a perfect time for a Church Membership Drive! Everyone around town will be aware of the Knights, including your fellow parishioners, you just need to ask. If help is the problem what about getting the youth involved in the MI drive? What about your other council members, you know, the ones waiting for someone to ask them to help. Train others in the council so that getting help is never a problem.

My goal for this month is 275 new members. Remember one member per council per month? If we did that, 275 is a snap. We could have twice that if we only applied it.

When recruiting, remember to explain that our programs are really a form of Evangelism reaching out to our fellow man. We, as Catholics, are challenged by our Holy Father to do just that. The Knights are a Faith based organization always have been always will be. It's time to start walking the walk. Once the person is initiated be sure to use the member interest form to find out his interests and the interests of his family. Get him involved, get the whole family involved.

I recently received word from Supreme that Michigan has winners in the International Service Program Awards. Congratulations  to Holy Family Council 10992 a third place International winner for their Benefit BBQ Also to Anchor Bay Council #5981 a 5th place International winner for their Onion Bag Food Drive and to Richard Council #788 for their fifth place award for their Pinewood Open. Also congratulations to Fr. George Ging Council #6824, a second place winner for their firewood cutting and distribution. Great job Brothers and families that were involved. Too the other councils around the state please submit your projects, you never know what will come of it.  The awards will be presented at the Tribute dinner.

May God bless each of you and your families. 

Good luck with the Church Membership Weekend and the fall MI Drive. 

One Member per Council per Month

Vivat Jesus

My Wife, My Best Friend (Fathers for Good)

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Friendship Supports Love

Aaron Kheriaty, M.D., is the founding director of the Psychiatry and Spirituality Forum at the University of California, Irvine, and the associate director of residency training in the UCI department of psychiatry. Fathers for Good talked to Dr. Kheriaty, a married man with three sons, about marital friendship.

Fathers for Good: How would you define/describe “spousal friendship” – how is it similar to or different from other types of friendship?

Dr. Kheriaty: Spousal friendship is unique because it is strengthened and complemented by other forms of spousal love. The ancient Greeks had four words to describe love: sexual and romantic love (eros), the love of friendship (philia), familiar everyday love for ordinary things (storge), and generous self-sacrificing love (agape). Marriage is unique because, besides our relationship with God, it is the one relationship where all four of these types of love can and should be present.

So spousal friendship is indeed a special kind of friendship (philia), distinguished by its more passionate elements (eros), its everyday familiarity (storge), and above all, by a self-sacrificing love (agape) that puts the spouse and her needs above one’s own.

Our Lord himself taught by his words, and demonstrated in his passion and death, that the greatest love is that in which a man lays down his life for his friends. St. Paul described a man’s friendship with his wife in precisely the same terms – husbands love your wives as Christ loved the Church, and gave himself up for her.

Fathers for Good: How important is "spousal friendship" to happy marriage?

Dr. Kheriaty: It is indispensable. Perhaps the most common cause of divorce is the lack of a solid and constant friendship between spouses. This foundation of friendship remains firm when the emotions and passions of eros wax and wane.

The antidote to the proverbial “seven-year itch” is real friendship that continues to be cultivated year after year. This takes work – it often requires sacrifice and always requires effort.

A well-known psychologist has done studies comparing successful marriage relationships with those that end in divorce. The worst sign of a troubled marriage is what he calls “stonewalling” – a total lack of engagement between the spouses.

When the lives of a husband and wife begin to run on parallel tracks that never meet, the marriage is likely doomed if things do not change. Interestingly, this psychologist argues that for spouses who are “stonewalled,” even getting them to argue with one another is a step in the right direction; at least in arguing they are engaging with one another.

Friends sometimes have disagreements, so spouses will have occasional arguments (of course, this should never be done in front of the children, and attempts to reconcile should come quickly). What should be avoided at all costs is a lack of daily engagement, a distance or coldness between spouses. This kills friendship; and when the spousal friendship dies, the marriage is in trouble.

Click Here ~~~ Read more of the orignal article at Fathers for Good ~~~ Click Here

Horse Race Weekly Racing Form (10-13-2014)

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My Brother Knights,

The Horse Race Reports for this week have been posted on-line and are listed in the 2nd week, 2nd quarter reports.  Remember only 2nd quarter activity will be reported and will be eligible for the 2nd quarter incentives.  Check your council’s progress every week. 

The Horse Race Commissioner would like every council member to be aware of the many incentives that the State Deputy, State Officers and the Membership Team are offering for this year.  Please review and know that every council can achieve these incentives if they only make One Member per Council per Month their recruiting mindset. 

Congratulations to the 195 Councils in Michigan who have recruited at least one new member this fraternal year! 

These councils are making One Member per Council per Month their recruiting mindset.  What is your council’s mindset? 

Now is the time to schedule those October/November First Degrees!  Your obligation to these candidates is to hold frequent and convenient First Degrees.  If you always hold your degrees on a certain day and time, you may be missing a candidate or two.  Call them to find out when they can make their degree! 

First Quarter Incentive Winners 

Horse Race
Quarterly council horse race winners, listed below, have won $100.00 for their Council Chaplain.  

Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3
  Council Location %
1 13499  Grand Rapids 175%
2 8186  Harper Woods 150%
3 15352  Beverly Hills 100%
  Council Location %
1 8710  Yale 60.00%
2 575  Battle Creek 55.56%
3 13958  Traverse City 55.56%
  Council Location %
1 5981  New Baltimore 64.29%
2 11772  Shelby Township 28.57%
3 791  Cheboygan 22.22%

 Diocese Chaplain/Bishop Awards

The Diocese with the highest percentage of growth, based on the published quotas will win the quarterly incentive.  Congratulations to the Knights of Kalamazoo.  Their Diocesan Chaplain, Rev. Robert Creagan, will receive $250.00 and their Bishop, Most Rev. Paul J. Bradley, D.D. will receive $500.00. 

1  Kalamazoo 13.07%
2  Marquette 8.95%
3  Grand Rapids 8.90%

 First Half Incentives – Current Standings              Awarded at the State Chaplain’s Membership Tribute Dinner 2/28/2015 

“Quick Start Award” - 60% by 12/31/14
For Councils and Districts
Council #   Council Name Location
2713   Torch Lake Lake Linden
5981   Anchor Bay New Baltimore
 8118   Blessed Sacrament  Detroit
 8710   Fr. Patrick J. Cullinane  Yale
 13579   Holy Rosary  Muskegon Heights
 13958   Traverse City St. Francis  Traverse City
 14206   St. Bartholomew  Newaygo
 14211   Msgr. Daniel J. Wynne  Bay City
 14598   St. Pius X - Grandville  Grandville
15439   St. Augustine Cathedral Kalamazoo
15691   St. Stephen Grand Rapids
15967   St. Daniel Clarkston
15993   Fr. Francis Emmerich Hart


“State Chaplain Award” - 100% by 12/31/14
For Councils, Districts & Membership Directors
Council #   Council Name Location
8186   John Paul the Great Harper Woods
13499   Immaculate Heart of Mary Grand Rapids
 15352   Our Lady Queen of Martyrs  Beverly Hills 

One Member per Council per Month

Red Bag Food Collection Program

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Red Bag Food Program

  1. Mark on the handle "Return to Grand Knight".
  2. Take bag to all events and council meetings, be sure to publish/announce that you will be collecting food there.
  3. Weigh the bag and report donation amount om MI-20 each quarter.
  4. Place bag in the food collection basket/box at church.
  5. Return to line two and repeat as often as possible.

Good luck and thank you for feeding the hungry in your community!

Michael Wegener State Community Activities Director Sig

Urban Harvest

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  • Select a weekend.
  • Select a neighborhood.
  • Put a flyer at each house one week before explaining the drive and the recipient.
  • Go door to door and collect food.
  • Weigh and report the results.
  • Distribute to the recipient.

State Community Activities Director

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My brother knights, ladies, family, and friends all Vivat Jesus! This past summer during the state wide diocesan training run where the state officers and state directors tour the state to meet with all the council, district and diocesan leadership to set the program and membership agenda for the fraternal year, we were attending mass at St. Michael Catholic Church in Roscommon and the Responsorial Psalm that day was "The seed that falls on good ground yields a fruitful harvest". That message struck me as especially powerful concerning the knights. I believe the "seeds" mentioned in that passage are the tools we are given as leadership to perform our jobs at a high rate. Tools like the banquet of programs available, the success planners issued annually, the handouts given at the meetings, member management program, the information shared via email, of course the "red bags", and much more. I also believe all of you are the "good ground"! Take these tools and nurture them, grow them, feed and water them and keep the "weeds" of complacency out and a "fruitful harvest" will be realized by all, the council, the district, the diocese, the state but most importantly the recipients of our labor, the widow, the orphan, the hungry, the homeless, the cold, all the needy that we care for.

This fall each council will have an opportunity to spread the true message of Christmas and raise a few funds through the Keep Christ in Christmas card program. Artists for centuries have depicted the birth of Jesus on canvas most gloriously and this artwork is reproduced on the Keep Christ in Christmas cards with meaningful messages. The Keep Christ in Christmas card sale program satisfies a welcome need to the faithful searching for quality meaningful cards and allows the participating council to make a little from each box sold. For more information, visit www.kcicmichigan.net, or call SK Ken Watterson, KCIC Michigan, and Bishop Albers Assembly 0496 at 517-881-0812. Once you've completed your card sale, how about displaying a "Keep Christ in Christmas" billboard in your com-munity?

Remind people in your community in a bold way that Christmas IS the celebration of Christ's birth. Contact Ken for all the details and how to solicit a friendly outdoor advertising company to help.

I think everyone would agree that no child should be cold. The "Coats for Kids" program is a wonderful opportunity to "Bear one another's burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ" Galatians 6:2.  Supreme makes available a case of 12 coats, either boys or girls, assorted sizes, for $220, which is just over $18 per coat. These are new coats, very nice, and affordable. Please consider purchasing a case or two and distributing them as needed. Please do not just drop off the coats at an agency. Make the distribution of the coats an event and interact with the kids. The interaction is payoff. Just go to www.kofc.org and click the "Publications and Re-sources" tab, click "Forms", click "Council" and scroll down to the "Coats for Kids" form to order.

There truly is no greater gift than the gift of life, to which pints of blood are. This year we are introducing February as State Blood Drive month. February is the month of love, so let's give as much love, pint by pint, as possible. Please see the new/old reporting form MI-18 on the state website, www.mikofc.org for helpful information about how to do a drive and how to report it. If your council has not done a drive in a while we are hopeful you will be the one to get the blood flowing again this February. Partner with your parish, a local business or agency and participate this February during State Blood Drive month.

Thank you all and in closing please remember these words from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, "Through our charitable work we bring the love of God to our neighbors, to our communities and to those most in need. We speak through our actions to the truth that every life has dignity and meaning. Through charity, we strengthen our own faith by loving our neighbor and evangelizing those around us through this witness". Through these community programs, my brother knights, you will "Bear one another's burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ".

God bless you all.

Michael Wegener
State Community Activities Director

A Message From Your State Advocate William H. Chasse

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As I write this I realize it's that time of year when school is about to start and I want to wish everyone going back to school a very successful new school year. 

It has been a busy start of the New Year for the Knights of Columbus and I would like to thank all the Knights of Columbus members that attended the Diocesan meeting this summer for their understanding and willingness to change. 

As we move forward, in life we will encounter many changes, we must remember that it is not what we do with the changes, but how we respond to them. Changes are important in life; changes make life better and gives us a chance to see how things can be done for the better of the order. 

Over the last three months I have received many calls about Building Corporations. Please remember the common answer is; we need to make sure the public sees two different entities and the Knights of Columbus do not own buildings. Councils that belong to a Building Corporation remember you must have separate checking accounts; Monies do not comingle between council and corporations. All Corporations must have their liquor license in the Corporation's name not in the Council's name. Many building Corporations have made the changes that were asked by Supreme, Thank you for your understanding and for making the necessary changes. 

I have come to see the many different responsibilities of the State Advocate's role with many different questions and concern s from councils and members. I will try my best to answer all questions as soon as possible and if I can't help you immediately, I promise to get back with you within a few days. 

I would like to thank my mentor State Treasure Tony Vittorini, with his guidance the transition into the State Advocate's role was very smooth. I would also like to thank our State Deputy Bob Fox and our State Secretary Ken Unterbrink for all of the help and guidance this past year. 

Marybeth & I would like to wish you a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a very happy, healthy and successful New Year. 

Vivat Jesus

A Message From Your State Chaplain Rev. Ronald D. Hutchinson

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"Much obliged" is an old fashioned phrase first note din the Old Oxford English Dictionary in the sixteenth century. Over the centuries, the phrase has lost some of its richness. Originally, it meant to be bound to a person by ties of gratitude. Today, the phrase is more often used as an automatic response to someone who has performed a perfunctory service. Unfortunately, this practice does not convey the sense of truly being bound to each other by gratitude. What a loss! Because of that loss, many people understand the word obligation as a burden rather than a commitment and duty that flows from a relationship. Obligation is a form of indebtedness that comes from within the heart of a relationship.

Think of the obligations that make for a rich family life. A parent does not say, "I wonder if I have to feed my children this week?" Husbands and wives carry out a myriad of obligatory tasks in service to each other during the course of a week and never ask, "Do I have to?" In loving relationships, we are grateful for the gift of each other and we express that gratitude by doing right actions because we want to do so. Obligatory behaviors grow out of communication, intimacy, and personal and communal relationships. These examples can help us reflect on our "obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days of obligation and rest from servile labor" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2041).

The heart of Sunday obligation is gratitude. The world Eucharist means "to give thanks." We gather each week because we are "much obliged" to God — for everything. This obligation is not an automatic response to someone who has performed a perfunctory service. We come together to "give thanks" to God, our Father who is the source of all life and creations, and to Jesus, God's Son who gave us eternal life through his death on the cross that is made present in every Mass as we participate again in Christ's death and resurrection through the Eucharist.

Each time we "attend Mass," we bring our lives, our very selves, to the Eucharist. We gather together as a community, grateful to have each other as fellow pilgrims in faith and grateful to be nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ. Just as the relationships and obligations in families are nurtured and strengthened by intimacy and communion, so too does our participation in the Eucharist nurture and strengthen our relationship with the Trinity. Food nourishes our body in the same way that our participation in Holy Communion nourishes our spirit and unites us together as individuals and as a community in Christ. Acting on our Sunday obligation of being "much obliged" gives us reason to be "more obliged" in the most authentic sense of obligation.

Vivat Jesus!

40 Days for life will kick off on September 24th

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It's time!

One week from today, 40 Days for life will kick off in 297 cities in 13 countries ... beginning a campaign that will run from September 24 - November 2.

One year ago, volunteers in Hollister, California were gearing up for their first 40 Days for Life campaign in front of the local Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Last month — after speculation that Planned Parenthood's business had diminished and keeping the facility open could not be justified — they closed their doors! Praise God!

The local leader of that first — and only — 40 Days for Life campaign in Hollister said the number of prayer volunteers may have been small, but they spoke with a strong voice ... "and God heard their cry!"

The next 40 Days for Life campaign starts Wednesday, September 24 and goes through Sunday, November 2.

People just like those volunteers in Hollister will be out in front of abortion businesses and other Planned Parenthood facilities in 297 locations — cities from coast to coast in the United States and Canada as well as in 11 other countries ...

... including first-time campaigns in Mexico, Brazil and Latvia.

Will you join them? Go to: http://40daysforlife.com/location

Find the campaign nearest you — then let God use you to show His love and mercy to women (and men) seeking abortion ... to the babies scheduled to be aborted ... and to the abortion facility workers.

Through God's grace, 40 Days for Life has seen these miracles over the past seven years:

* 8,973 lives spared from abortion (that we know of)
* 101 workers have changed their hearts and left the industry
* 57 abortion centers have shut their doors forever
* 12 additional abortion referral centers have also closed

Will your city be the next one to see these blessings? Will your voice join with those who have already made commitments to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves?

Ask youself that question ... pray about it ... then find the closest 40 Days for Life campaign:


I'm looking forward to a campaign that's prayerful and profound — and I can't wait to see what blessings the Lord will provide!

For Life,

Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: That link to the 298 locations for 40 Days for Life again is:

Charitable Giving

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Brother Knights and Ladies:

I am not here to bore you with a longwinded article. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a man of few words. I will not beat around the bush. The Michigan State Council needs your help. If you think about why you belong to the Knights of Columbus, Faith, Family, and Charity must come to mind. We are here to help the downtrodden and less fortunate. Our great Jurisdiction has a long history of helping many charities. Charities and foundations think of the Michigan Knights of Columbus first and foremost when they are looking for help. This is something we should be proud of, Brother Knights.

Our biggest fundraiser for Michigan charities, traditionally, is the State Membership Raffle. Unfortunately, the support for the raffle is at an all-time low. We, as Knights, should never have to turn away someone that needs our help. It is why we ARE Knights. It’s time to stop the bleeding, and reestablish ourselves as the leader, STATEWIDE, in Charitable giving.

You will definitely hear more from me over the next several months. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (313)779-1348 or at M.Kozakiewicz@MIKofC.org. I am hopeful that we can do what we know is right, and reinvigorate the State Membership Raffle.

Vivat Jesus!

Michael A. Kozakiewicz

Knights of Columbus Life Insurance

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Knights of Columbus life insurance offers something precious few other financial products can – guarantees. As long as you pay your premiums, the policy proceeds will be there for your beneficiaries should something happen to you. That's peace of mind, and that's what we offer with our every product in our portfolio.

We guarantee the cash value in your whole life policies will be there.

We guarantee the rates on your term insurance.

We guarantee our retirement products will provide a stream of income when you need it.

On top of those product guarantees, I guarantee that I will offer professional, high-quality service that you would expect from our organization.

Our Order is among the highest rated life insurers in North America. AM Best has rated the Knights of Colum-bus "A++, Superior" for 38 consecutive years. It's a testament to our track record for excellence and security.

I would suggest that a principal reason that we were able to achieve those accolades is because we remain steadfastly committed to the vision of Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney by providing life insurance by brother Knights for brother Knights.

That commitment is an essential core value of the Knights of Columbus, and our core values permeate all levels of our organization. We pledge to serve our brother Knights, and their families, according to our Golden Rule: "In all my professional relationships, I pledge myself to the following rule of conduct: I shall, in light of all conditions surrounding those I serve, render that service which, under the same circumstances, I would apply to myself."

Let's talk soon to discuss how our products can bring that peace of mind to you and your family.

Gregory L Bennett

St. Francis Camp on the Lake

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Knights of Columbus in Michigan and Indiana
St. Francis Camp on the Lake

St. Francis Camp on the Lake (01)

With the help of 3 Knights of Columbus Councils, six students with special needs had a great time attending.

St. Francis Camp on the Lake, in Jerome, Michigan, which is dedicated to giving campers with the developmental disabilities an ex-citing week of the "ultimate camping experience".

David Quinn is a Special Education Certified Assistant for the school district in St. John, Indiana. He asked his two Grandfathers, Ken Kress of Fr. Daniel Lord Knights of Columbus Council #3959 in Livonia and Connie Quinn of Fr. John R. Day Knights of Columbus Council #2959 in Howell, how he could help his students enjoy a week of summer camp.

St. Francis Camp on the Lake (02)

David put out flyers explaining the benefits of St. Francis Camp on the Lake and asked parents to contact him about the camp. Some of the families would need financial help so he made a presentation to the Queen of Angels Knights of Columbus Council #12154 in St. John, asking if they could help support these campers. They agreed and contributed the needed funds for the transportation from St. John, IN to the camp in Jerome, MI and back.

Campership Money donated from Michigan Knights of Columbus Councils and Alhambra Caravans of Michigan, which owns the camp, added to make up the difference. All of this was done by a 20 year old student pursuing a degree in Special Education. His dad, Tim, inspired by the great work and contribution from the local council, has now joined the Queen of Angels Knights of Columbus Council #12154 in Indiana. Congrats to all.

State Program Director Article Gary L. Merritt

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We are now well into the Fraternal Year 2014/2015. I realize as I write this we have not completed the first quarter of the year, but hopes are high for a successful year. Even though the first MI 01s of the year have not been received the comments from Stat e and Diocesan Program Directors through my contact is positive. As questions are received we realize there is great interest in the upcoming programs. Please continue to contact the Directors for information needed to run successful programs.

One of the new programs I would like to speak of is the Keep Christ in Christmas Poster contest. As we know many kids like to be creative and our poster contests give them a great opportunity to express that creativity. The kit and the participation form can be obtained on the Supreme web site kofc.org-resources-forms. I encourage every council to participate in this event involving our children, our future. Order your kits ASAP so you may have your judging to fit the parameters;

     Judging: Dec. 15 – 31,'14 

     Regional/Diocesan: Jan. 1 – 15, '15

     State: Jan. 16 – 31, '15

     Supreme: By Feb. 15, '15

While we are on the subject of Youth programs let's speak of the upcoming Free Throw Tournament, our most popular. Insure you keep your contest within the below parameters. The Regional/Diocesan dates are on your Diocesan Calendar.

     Council Competition: Jan. '15

     District Competition: Feb. 1 - 15, '15

     Regional/Diocesan Competition: Feb. 16 - 28, '15

     State Competition: Mar. 22, '15

I would also like to encourage all councils to participate in the Spelling Bee. Many young people need a competition other than athletics, and this serves the purpose. It's not too late to set up a council competition, all the info you need is on the State web site mikofc.org-resources-youth.

     Council Level – Oct. or Nov. '14

     Diocesan Level – Dec. '14 or Jan. '15

     State Level – Feb. 21, '15

The Supreme Essay contest is another great Youth program. This past year Council 15337 had great success with their Essay contest. The entry of Michael Caughey of Norton Shores was judged by Supreme as an International winner. You may read his winning entry in this newsletter. It is a great example of the talent of our young people. Your council may discover that talent as you host an Essay contest. Find all the necessary info @ www.kofc.org/un/ en/service/youth/essay/

     Theme - The importance of Religious Freedom

     Level I – Grades 6-7 - State Only

     Level II – Grades 8-9-10-11-12

     Open to all Catholic Students in public, private or parochial schools

     Council – send 2 best from ea. grade by March 01, 2015 to State Youth Director.

     State winners will be sent to Supreme for International Competition

At the Leadership conference and at the Diocesan meetings we conveyed the importance of our faith in all we do. It is the foundation of our programs. We do need to work harder to provide our members a vehicle to learn more or to express more concerning our religious aspect. This can be done by providing a simple council retreat. Please refer to the outline laid out by our State Church Activities Director Tom Schmidt in this newsletter. Feel free to add to this format as necessary to fulfill your needs. Also you may invite non-members of the Order to participate. Importantly we need to provide a way to meditate on our activities.

One of the many pleasurable activities I was fortunate to attend this summer was the annual KC Tiger game. It was my first night game at Comerica Park and I know the other almost 400 KC members had as much fun as I. Some of the loudest cheers came as the Council names were displayed on the jumbotron! Thanks to Special Projects & Athletic Di-rector Mark Gaworecki for all the arrangements of this fraternal event.

Another great fraternal event Mark is helping to organize is the annual Bowling Tournament to be held this year in Allen Park.  The Officers compete on Jan. 10 '15 while the regular tournament begins Jan. 24 and runs thru Mar. 1. Watch your council mail for the info.

On the world stage is a tragic example of today's persecution of our Catholic Christian faith. I'm referring to the on-going attempt to exterminate an entire race in Iraq. Supreme has immediately stepped up to provide assistance. If you have not seen this on the Supreme web site I encourage you to read the articles including the matching funds program on the front home page @  www.kofc.org. Our local councils may become involved by conducting a fund raising event and donating the proceeds to the Supreme program.

The cool mornings and evenings are a reminder that fall is on its way and soon we will be celebrating the holidays. I'm sure many of you are making plans to celebrate with council activities and programs. With that thought I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving and Blessed Christmas Season.

I have invited the top 6 Activities Directors to share my space in the newsletter on a rotating basis. This issue features Community Activities Director Michael Wegener.

But before I close I would like to emphasize a short response from the prophet Isaiah when he realized if not me than who?" Hearing God's Voice Ministry, Qualifications for Inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Means Of God, Trinity Giving, Of Oneself Ministers, Should Be Uniqueness Messenger

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" Then I said, "Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

State Membership Director Article Douglas D. Kokot

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Greetings Brothers and Ladies:

The first quarter is already behind us. We are off to a slow start but I am confident that we will gain momentum. The response to our FOCUS ON FAITH has been well received. This focus will help lead to new membership opportunities and to the ultimate goal of "One New Member per Council per Month".

We have conducted two church drives so far this year. Properly conducted Church drives are a tried and proven method in reaching the men of our parishes. However, there are many other methods that also have proven to be successful in reaching out to our catholic men. Recruiting during Knights sponsored events, parish social events, youth activities and other such events is an excellent way to reach out to catholic men. Our goal is to give every catholic man the opportunity for membership in our order so that they too have the opportunity to grow in faith. Our Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson, said it best; "We have the moral obligation to offer every eligible catholic man the opportunity of membership in the Knights of Columbus. By doing this, we will strengthen the vitality of our councils, we will build a greater future for our order, we will brighten the lives of so many who need our help and we will better the lives of our new brother Knights."

Let me highlight some of the incentives program the state has launched this fraternal year. We know most Knights don't do the work of the order for recognition. They do it because of their desire to contribute to an organization that exemplifies the belie fs and values that are important to them. That being said, it is important for an organization to acknowledge the efforts of its membership.  Our new program is titled "Reach for the Ring". This is how it works:

  *  For your first new member, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your efforts.
  *  For your second new member, you will receive a Knights of Columbus portfolio.
  *  For your third new member, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your efforts.
  *  For your fourth new member, you will receive a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
  *  For your fifth new member, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your efforts.
  *  For your sixth new member, you will receive a Knights of Columbus ring.

 Membership Incentives Program 2014

In addition to the above awards, Grand Knights that achieve Star Council will also receive a Knights of Columbus ring awarded at the end of the fraternal year.

District Deputies, there has been a change in the requirement for you to receive a Knights of Columbus ring. The original requirement was for your district to achieve and All Star District, meaning that all of your councils needed to achieve Star Council. It is no longer required that your district be an All Star District, Star District will qualify you for a Knights of Columbus ring after at the end of the fraternal year.

A note about the rings, I have been asked if they are gold or are they plastic… They are metal. They look sharp and you will be proud to show it to your brother knights.

In addition to the State incentive, Supreme has also added a lapel pin recognition. When a council achieves Star Council, the Grand Knight, Council Membership Director and the Council Program Director will receive a lapel pin with the year and their position on it. It will also indicate how many stars the council has achieved (See below).

Supreme Membership Incentives Program 2014

New Ultrasound

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New Ultrasound 2014 (01)

On Aug 14 the Grand Rapids Diocesan Knights dedicated a new ultrasound for the HELP Pregnancy Crisis Aid center in Grand Rapids. Shown in the photo are DD Garret Kelenske, State Culture of Life Director Paul Thorn presenting the Diocesan check to HELP Executive Director Paula Venesklase. Shown with her are some of the staff HELP.

Special Days Camp

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Special Days Camp 2014 (01)

State Deputy & State Advocate presenting a check from the
GR Diocesan Knights of Columbus Family Day at the White Caps 50/50 ticket raffle to Jim Carey.

On June 29th Knights and their families joined together to enjoy a fraternal day at Fifth Third Ballpark watching the White Caps.  During the game 50/50 tickets were sold raising money for charity. This year the benefactor was the Special Days Camp held at Camp Pendalouan this summer. They treat children with cancer to a week at camp. Because of the illness of the campers special needs are provided from supervision, medication and necessary medical attention. Director Jim Carey invited the State Deputy, State Warden, the State Program Director and wives to tour the facility and enjoy time spent with the campers during lunch. After lunch the check of $1200.00 was presented to Jim Carey. This is a special place serving special kids. Information can be found on their website www.specialdays.org.

Family Article 10/01/2014

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The importance of Family Life issues are understood by us all.  The church is addressing these issues with the Synod of Bishops in Rome.  Our councils emphasize our realization of these issues by scheduling programs that encourage family participation.  Please review the booklet, BUILDING THE DOMESTIC CHURCH The Family Fully Alive, which each Grand Knight received from Supreme.  It is full of great ideas and programs designed to strengthen families.  With this in mind I’ve asked our State Family Life Director John Turek to comment on some of our established programs.  SPD Gary L. Merritt

With fall upon us and summer having come to a close we find ourselves falling into a routine with the children returning to school, work and other daily routines   Now is the perfect time to plan a family retreat at your council.  Guidelines can be found on the state website under the “archived articles section, Retreat Outline.

Many councils are not taking advantage of the Family of the Month program.  This is an excellent way to recognize that special family that does so much for your council.  Forms for this can be found on the Supreme website, Form #1993.  The Family of the Month nominations are then eligible for the Family of the Year award, however, a detailed account of the family’s activities, testimonials and any other information you feel makes your family qualified needs to be sent to the State Family Life Director, John Turek by April 15, 2015.

Now would also be a great time to consider adopting a needy family in your community for the upcoming holiday season.  This can be done individually or as a group effort within the council.  There are many families out there that need help and the satisfaction received is worth way more than you could ever imagine. 

A Family that Prays together stays together!!

John Turek


State Family Life Director

42nd Annual March for Life

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42nd Annual March for Life
Washington, D. C.
Michigan State K of C Agenda

Departs: Council 788 in Lansing:  5:00 p.m., January 21, 2015
Departs:  St. Mary Church in Chelsea:  6:30 p.m., January 21, 2015
Arrive:  Basilica, Washington D.C.:  7:00 a.m. Mass, Jan 22, 2015
Meet:  March staging area:  11:30 a.m., January 22, 2015
After March:  Depart for Hampton Inn, Old Towne Alexandria, Va
Cost for Hampton Inn:  $109 per room plus tax for up to 4 people
Reservations:  Call Hampton Inn directly at 1-703-329-1400
Place on your credit card
Rooms under Michigan State Knights of Columbus
Depart: Hampton Inn:  8:00 a.m., January 23, 2015
Estimated Arrival:  Chelsea – 6:30 p.m.  Lansing – 8:00 p.m.
Cost of Bus:  $110.00 per person
Make check for bus payable to:
Michigan State Knights of Columbus

Mail to: Paul and Sue Thorn
  768 Lockmoore Ct.
  Rochester Hills, Mi 48307

Phone Inquiries:  248-852-1758 or 248-709-9761 

Email:  p.thorn@mikofc.org 

Deadline for Reservations:  December 15, 2014