Michigan Columbian Oct 2018

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Online Membership

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 Men: Are You Ready to accept the Challenge?

Our communities need strong Catholic men to answer the call to lead with faith, protect our families, serve others and defend our values.

For over one hundred years, Knights of Columbus have done exactly that, standing up for the Church, serving the least among us, and strengthening our parishes and families.

Eligible Catholic men can now join the Knights of Columbus online in a simple, streamlined process.

As a member, you join a worldwide community of nearly two million men, including more than 65,000 in Michigan, who stand together.

Men have a duty to lead, protect, serve and defend. The world needs more committed, unified   Catholic men to answer the call. Will you answer?

You may view an information and question answering booklet about the program here.

To view the Supreme vidoe An introduction to Online Membership here.

An informational booklet concerning the Michigan activities is available here.

Visit www.kofc.org/joinus to learn more about the many benefits of membership in the Knights of Columbus. For information about Michigan State Council activities, visit www.mikofc.org, and for K of C Supreme Council national and international activities, visit www.kofc.org.


For a complete discription og the Online program read this Supreme article here.

To view a great article on e-membership from Knightline 5-18 click here.


These directors and coordinators can provide additional information about E-membership:

  Doug Kokot, State E-Membership Director d.kokot@mikofc.org  616-891-6922

  Dennis Schneider, Young Adult Coordinator d.schneider@mikofc.org

  James Kraus, State Membership Director, j.kraus@mikofc.org

  William LeVeque, State Program Director, w.leveque@mikofc.org

  For further information about E-membership go to: www.kofc.org/joinus 

 A complete description of the Online Membership progam can be found on this link.

 To view a great article about E Membership in the Mich Catholic Click on the logo. Mich Catholic logo b 

The Installation of State Leadership

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The Installation of State Council Officers and District Deputies Ceremonial should always be held after Mass in conjunction with the Annual Organizational Meeting of District Deputies. The State Deputy and the State Chaplain shall invite the Ordinary of the Diocese to preside at the Installation Mass. If he accepts, the Bishop should be afforded the opportunity to say the opening prayer, bless the jewels of office, and install the State Chaplain. If the Bishop does not accept, the State Chaplain shall say the opening prayer, bless the jewels and the State Deputy shall install and invest the State Chaplain. Should the State Chaplain be a bishop, he can decide who should say the Mass; he should in all instances say the opening prayer and bless the jewels of office at the Installation Ceremonial, and the State Deputy will invest the Bishop with the Jewel of Office.

The Installation of State Leadership of Michigan for the Fraternal Year 2018/2019 occurred after Mass at St. Gerard Parish in Lansing on September 8, 2018. Bishop Boyea of Lansing celebrated Mass along with concelebrants Bishop Raica of Gaylord,  Bishop Hanchon and Bishop Robert Fisher of Detroit, Rv. John Klein and our State Chaplain Fr. Paul Ericson. Our Diocesan Chaplains were also in attendance.

Installation 18 a

The State Deputy William Chasse addressed and instructed all before the Installation began.

Insallation 18 b

Bishop Boyea blessed the jewels and all Chaplains, District Deputies, State, Regional and Diocesan Directors were installed beginning with the State Chaplain.

Although the State Deputy was installed by the Supreme Knight Carl Anderson in New Haven, Beth Chasse formally draped the State Deputy jewel around the leader of the Michigan Jurisdiction.

Installation 18 c

The festivities then moved to the Lansing Convention Center for dinner and program which included the passing of the ships wheel from the home council of the IPSD Ken Unterbrink, #3092 to the SDs council, #788.

O Heavenly Father, aid us to be the finest example of complete dedication to the practice of Christian principles, as was our venerable founder Father Michael J. McGivney, and to conduct ourselves at all times so as to reflect your holy will. We pray that, with the help of Your grace and guidance, the understanding and wisdom of these leaders will be such, that the coming months of this fraternal year will see our members as men united in action, generous with their time and talents for Your greater glory and the well-being of all mankind. May Your name be blessed and Your Will be done on earth as it in heaven. From the opening prayer of the Installation of State Officers.

Worthy State Officers and District Deputies: We have been chosen to guide the destiny of the State Council during this fraternal year. Our duties will be many and, perhaps at times, trying and difficult. We will be held directly responsible for every aspect of the duties which our office demands. The health and welfare of our jurisdiction is dependent upon how we carry out these duties. Only through our dedication can we build a strong and bright future for our jurisdiction and for our Order. Our Brothers have demonstrated their confidence that we are capable of outstanding leadership. Let us prove that they were correct! From the SD Address in the Installation of State Officers.

Michigan's 48th Ultrasound

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ultrasound machine 


Wednesday September 5th, 2018 marked the dedication for the 48th Ultrasound Machine in Michigan. Pastor Dan Grams began the ceremony with an opening prayer & blessing the Ultrasound machine which took place at CareNet Pregnancy Center in Berkley.


48 ultrasound 1

n attendance, District Deputy Alex Dominique and wife Shari, Council #5452 GK Todd Trudell & DGK Tom Gray, Council #5452 Life Director Paul Kowalski, Executive Director Laura Farrugia along with many of the CareNet Board and staff as well as many of our Brother Knights from Fr. Baumgartner Council #5452. Others in attendance and pictured are Board President Diane Fueslein and MI K of C Pro Life Chair Couple Tim & Cindy Donovan.

48 ultrasound 2

Executive Director Laura Farrugia communicated the importance of this Ultrasound Machine while thanking the Knights of Columbus for their generosity and commitment of Protecting the Unborn. CareNet Board President Diane Fueslein also thanked the Knights of Columbus for their overwhelming generosity that has and will continue to change the hearts and minds of those facing difficult decisions.

Many thanks to all who participated and donated that may not be mentioned, please know that without all of you none of this would be possible.

Let us not forget Supreme Knights of Columbus for their matching funds program which has reached 950 Life Saving Ultrasound Machines Order wide.

God bless,

Tim & Cindy Donovan Pro Life Chair Couple          

Michigan State Council Knights of Columbus 

KC DAVL Memorial Mass 2018

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KC EMBLEMIn November of each year, there is a Memorial Mass hosted by the Knights of Columbus Detroit Archdiocesan Vocation League (DAVL).    This Mass is in remembrance of the members of the Knights of Columbus, their spouses, families & friends who have been called to be with God the Father. This year’s Memorial Mass will be held at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary on Sunday, November 4, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. The Seminary is located at 2701 Chicago Blvd. in Detroit.

The Memorial Mass is open to all Knights of Columbus members, their families & friends. Also attending are the Priests and Seminarians of Sacred Heart Major Seminary.  Following the Mass, everyone is invited to attend breakfast and a short program. The seminarians who are not on assignment that day are also invited to share breakfast with us.

This is a great way to experience the seminarians, their backgrounds and their experiences while attending the Seminary, as well as to follow their call to the religious life. A free will donation of $10.00 per person is suggested.

We pray that you will be able to schedule time to join us in this special Mass in remembrance for those who have gone before us. If you are interested in attending the breakfast, please RSVP by Friday, October 25th to Robert Garstka at 586- 484-0781 or by email at rjgars@comcast.net.

Names for the memorial plaque can be obtained by contacting Robert Garstka.  Plaques start at $25.00 per line to a maximum of 4 lines for $100.00.  An application for Memorial Plaques is linked below.

Michigan Knights of Columbus

Detroit Archdiocesan Vocation League

Memorial Plaque

A beautiful and lasting rememberence is to have your loved one enrolled in the Knights of Columbus Vocations Committee Memorial Society Plaque, which now hangs in the Chapel of Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. The application process is open until October 19, 2018. The application may be opened here; Memorial Mass Plaque Application.

William H. Chasse                                     Deacon Wayne Slomiany

State Deputy                                            Evangilazation/Vocations Director


Jeff Gapczynski                                         Deacon David G. Zygmontowicz

DAVL Chairman                                         Evangilazation/Vocations Director


Bob Garstka

DAVL Memorial Mass Chairman

This Man is You

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TMIY Fall 2018 Launch – Michigan Knights of Columbus

 Working together to form men and families to Love the Lord and Serve the Church

TMIY cover


 What is TMIY:


That Man Is You! is a DVD based men’s formation and leadership program that aims to addresses the pressures and temptations that men face in our modern culture, especially those relating to their roles as husbands and fathers.  For further info open the PDF linked here. The TMIY website is; https://paradisusdei.org/that-man-is-you/


Warriors to Lourdes 2019

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Warriors to Lourdes 2019

 Since 2013, the Knights of Columbus has worked with the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, (AMS) to sponsor the annual Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage. The event allows non-wounded, wounded, ill or injured military personnel, together with their designated caregivers and volunteers, to travel to the Marian shrine during the PMI for a time of rest, prayer and healing.

 It costs $2600 to send 1 US Wounded Veteran to Lourdes. By financially supporting the 2019 Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage, which takes place in May of 2019, you can make this pilgrimage possible for our military personnel in need. The pilgrimage consists of a number of spiritual events, including an international opening ceremony, special Masses, a visit to the baths at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes and a candlelight vigil that draws tens of thousands of troops to the sacred shrine every year.

 Local and state Knights of Columbus councils, assemblies, individuals and other groups can support the Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage with financial contributions.

 Each $2,600 donated will send a warrior pilgrim to Lourdes. All funds donated will be used to defray costs for military personnel and for their designated care givers. Help send U.S. service members on a pilgrimage like no other.

For more information on the Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage, visit warriorstolourdes.com

2018 Prep Bowl October 20, 2018

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Spiritual Retreats

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As a member of the Knights of Columbus you are encouraged to attend

a retreat in your area.

Keep an eye on this site for further opportunities

rereat GR 18retreat ArchD 18 

Gaylord retreat 18

 For registration or more information contact Diocese of Gaylord

 2018 Conference Registration Call 989.732.5147 www.dioceseofgaylord.org

 Email: cjacobs@dioceseofgaylord.org

Key Take-Aways Dannie Harris

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Dannie Harris 

Our Worthy Supreme Membership and Program Consultant Dannie Harris has made his Key Take-Aways presentation from the recent Summer Leadership Conference available.

It may be found as PDF under Resources/Manuals and Documentation/Training Powerpoints and is linked here. 

Dannie is allowing it's use for training sessions or meetings.


Local Councils in Action

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To promote the activities of our local councils around the State, various council programs will be posted here.

Send your stories of worthy council programs along with pics to g.merritt@mikofc.org

District 44 Kalamazoo

Last year Bob Smith, Knights of Columbus District Deputy for the Kalamazoo/Portage decided that he needed to do more to recognize our local Knights for their contributions to our Church and community. With that in mind he awarded the first District 44 Knight of the Year to Gene Roberts.  This year, he is adding District Family of the Year award as well as District Knight of the Year.

In 2012, Holy Family Health Care was founded by a group of physicians to provide dignity in health care for the poor and migrant families of Southwestern Michigan. Using the teachings of the Holy Church with a mission to care for body, mind and soul.  HFHC treated over 6,000 patients last year and served over 50,000 meals to the needy of South Western Michigan.  Further, in November of 2017 HFHC partnered with Caring Network, part of the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Kalamazoo providing prenatal healthcare as well as ultrasound services for young mothers.   The family behind this organization is Deacon Dr. Don and Theresa Bouchard, founder of HFHC and our District 44 for 17-18 Family of the Year.  Congratulations!    

District 44 K Fam yr   

Our recipient for District 44 Knight of the Year is no stranger when it comes to the Knights of Columbus.  At the age of 18 he joined the only council in Kalamazoo, Bishop Markevitch Council 1616 and has been a faithful Knight for 78 years, the longest seniority in the Michigan Jurisdiction. (I won’t tell you his age, but…do the math) As council member he participated in numerous council functions including his favorite, the MI Drive known as the Tootsie Roll Drive. This energetic Knight, though retired, has volunteered for the past 2 decades providing magazines and reading materials to the patients of Bronson Hospital gaining him the title of Magazine Man and our District 44 2017-2018 Knight of the Year is Bob Johnson. for 2017-2018.


North Branch Knights of Columbus Council 9568

N Branch 9568

 Our Grand Knight Drew Edwards presented a check to help fund special education at North Branch Public Schools at tonight's board meeting. So far the Knights have donated over fifty thousand dollars for special education in North Branch.

St. Mary Magdalen Council 16223 Kentwood

16223 School Supplies

The idea of supplying school supplies to needy students was brought up at our last District meeting. I brought the idea to the Parish of St. Mary Magdalen and asked if they thought it would be a program we could run during the month of August (since it is a program the Parish currently didn't have) to help out the kids at are local community schools in Kentwood.  All agreed and an announcement and directions for dropping off the items was made at all weekend mass announcements, inserted into the bulletin and a flyer the Parishioners could pick up at any time with a list of the items requested.  The parish then allowed for the drop off of any items to the church throughout the month of August so the Knights could make collections a couple times a week and place them in storage until the presentation date. Pictured on the left are all the supplies in my car with my two kids going to drop it off at the school administration building.  The second picture is dropping them off the to the director of homeless student services.  GK 16223 Sean Klisz

Monroe Council 1266

Holiday Camp 1266

On Monday July 9th members of the Knights of Columbus Council 1266 in Monroe volunteered to prepare and serve lunch for approximately 100 campers and volunteers at Holiday Camp.

Since 1954, Holiday Camp has provided summer programming for Monroe County youth with disabilities. Located on beautiful 3 1/2-acres along the River Raisin, Holiday Camp is a special summer place where youth with disabilities can relax, explore, develop new skills, flex their muscles, and learn teamwork; all in a fun-filled atmosphere of support .

Holy Family Council 10992 Sparta

10992 donate to HELP