Support for the Holy Land

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Support for the Holy Land from All Michigan Councils

At the request of the State Chaplain and with the Support of the State Council and following the direction of the Supreme Knight who asks the Knights of Columbus Councils to support Christians of the Middle East:

The State Chaplain is asking all Councils to make one emergency check of support as their basic project in support of Our Brothers and Sisters.

These funds, which will receive receipts from the receiving agents will support the following initiatives: 

1) St. Joseph Patriarchal School in Bethlehem: The upper school has no furnace, cooling or proper fire protection. The Sisters of St Joseph there ask our help in funding replacement furnaces and safety devices.

2) Summer Programs for the children, who in these months are caught in conflicts between protests, the Israeli protection forces and retaliation for violence. The parishes provide summer programs for the children at the churches. One specific initiative has a traveling troop from parish to parish to provide for them half days much like our own Vacation Bible School Programs.

  Israeli school children

 These projects are time sensitive and I am asking Grand Knights to bring the support request to their councils immediately. Please send your checks, which should not exceed the amount that you are allowed to process that night from your Council funds to the Michigan State Council, Knights of Columbus and mail your check to the State Office at 6025 Wall St. Sterling Heights, MI 48312, and mark the check for the Holy Land Initiative.

Councils are free, and are encouraged to do more at a later date as this request represents only an emergency request for support at this time.

Vivat Jesus,

V. Rev. William J. Turner 

State Chaplain

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Exemplary Public Relations Award Winners

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 Congratulations to the following councils that achieved the

 Exemplary Public Relations Award for the Fraternal Year 2016-2017

COUNCIL                                             GRAND KNIGHT                               DISTRICT DEPUTY

Richard Council No. 788                               Kenneth Morrison                            Michael Wegener

Monroe Council No. 1266                            Shawn Piedmonte                            Kenneth Dressel

Msgr. Kromenaker Council 2251                 Daniel Eves                                        Michael Cousins

George J. McCarthy Council 2975               James Walkenhorst                          David Gibson

Fr. H. Nouvel Council 4232                           David Brzezinski                                James Callahan

Anchor Bay Councl 5981                               Joseph Kozlowski                              Michael Cousins

St. Michael’s Council 7311                            Ron Pioch                                           Michael Wegener

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen Council 7487          Daniel Searle                                      Joseph Carson Mantooth

Mason Council 9182                                      Lawrence Prokop                              Joel Weiher

Okemos St. Martha Council 10006              Michael Siminski                               Michael Wegener

Sacred Heart Council 13475                          Douglas Cryderman                         George Honer

Traverse City St. Francis Council 13958      Gary Van Raalte                                Philip Parker

St. Kieran Council 13983                                Russ Morgan                                     Jason Meyers

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Membership Proposers Incentives

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 Membership Proposers


 July, August, September, October


July – All Proposers -- $10.00 Gift Card per Member

Gift card 10 

August – All Proposers - $5.00 Gift Card per

 Gift card 5


August – Proposers in a drawing for one of Ten $50.00 checks

 50 bucks

September – Same as August


October – all proposers with five or more new or Reactivated Members

A Knights of Columbus Pen & Pencil Set  pen & pencil



Proposer Pin     New State Incentives:


   July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018


  All members who recruit a new or reactivated member will recieve a specially designed Proposer pin.


Every month of this Fraternal Year that Michigan attains 250 or more new or reactivated members, the names of 50 proposers will be drawn for a


K of C "Catholic and Proud" polo shirt!

New Members Advocate Program

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 Do you want to retain more of your new members?

 Do you want to have more active members?

 Do you want to have more 2nd & 3rd & 4th Degree members?

 Do you want your new members to recruit more new members?

 Do you want to activate more of your old members who you haven’t seen in a while?

 Do you want a program that you can easily adapt to your council?

Then our new advocate program can help your council.

                            To view the Power Point presentation

                            of this new Retention program

                            click the logo to the right .......................> 

                            for link that will take you to

                            Retention Resources on our State website    

                            then look for Advocate Retention ppt     

Ex Perience of Lifetime logo 

  There are also many helpful items to help you initiate this program at Retention Resources including; Advocate Retention info sheet, Advocate Retention Council Activites list, Advocate Retention feed back survey, Shining Armor Award info & Advocate Retention new member questionaire.

Horse Race ~ Final 16-17

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Horse Race Logo


The race is over and now it is time to look at the results!

HEAT #1     HEAT #2     HEAT #3  
Council %   Council %   Council %
2198 200%   3170 86%   2959 64%
16223 125%   8710 78%   706 54%
4141 117%   2660 75%   6742 50%
10343 100%   14642 71%   8071 50%
15417 100%   649 67%   11957 47%
8441 75%   2724 64%   609 46%
8785 75%   13340 57%   13453 46%
13115 75%         5280  43%

HEAT #1: (Council #2198 at 200%) stayed ahead of the field, for the win.  Two councils, (Council #16223 at 125% & Council #4141 at 117%) made a run at the leader, but they could not be caught.

Heat #2: (Council #3170 at 86%) came out of nowhere in the final turn and caught (Council #8710      at 78%). (Council #2660 at 75%) made a last minute run also.


 HEAT #3:  (Council #2959 at 64%) & (Council #706 at 54%) have been in a nose to nose race all month. (Council #2959) pulled out a last minute win.

Now let’s take a look at the Diocese race and the Bishops race.

    KALAMAZOO          54.10%                                                         GRAND RAPIDS      53.74%

    LANSING                  49.00%                                                         DETROIT                   45.41%

    GAYLORD                 42.63%                                                        SAGINAW                32.69%

MARQUETTE           16.52%

This race went down to the wire with a photo finish.  KALAMAZOO hangs on for the win by less than half a percentage point over GRAND RAPIDS. LANSING, DETROIT & GAYLORD made a run but could not catch the two leaders.  SAGINAW & MARQUETTE followed up behind the field.


man watching



Michigan Knights of Columbus Summer Leadership Conference

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The power points from Friday and Saturday mornings sessions of the Summer Leadership Conference may be viewed at these links;

SLC 17 Fri ppt & SLC 17 Sat ppt .

After Aug 19th they may be viewed under Resources/Membership/Tools on the State website.

July Columbian Available Online

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This issue of the Michigan Columbian is made available for viewing in two formats below. A Flipbook version that needs no plugin to read or a PDF version that needs a plugin. We suggest using Foxit PDF reader over Adobe reader.

-- Michigan Columbian July 2017 (Flipbook) --   OR   -- Michigan Columbian July 2017 (PDF) --

View previous Michigan Columbian issues here