Vote with a Catholic Conscience

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Vote Catholic – Vote Pro-Life – Vote Your Conscience

Conscience is the voice of truth within you, and your opinions need to be in harmony with that truth. As a Catholic & Knight of Columbus you have the benefit of the Church’s teaching authority endowed upon her by Christ.

As for your feelings, they need to be educated by virtue so as to be in harmony with conscience’s voice of truth. In this way, you will have a sound conscience, according to which you will feel guilty when you are guilty, and feel morally upright when you are morally upright. Meeting the obligation of continually attending to this formation of conscience will increase the likelihood that, in the actual operation or activity of conscience, you will act with a certain conscience, which clearly perceives that a given concrete action is a good action that was rightly done.

As Pope John Paul II explains in his encyclical, (The Gospel of Life) "When it is not possible to overturn or completely abrogate a pro-abortion law, an elected official, whose absolute personal opposition to procured abortion was well known, could licitly support proposals aimed at limiting the harm done by such a law and at lessening its negative consequences at the level of general opinion and morality. This does not in fact represent an illicit cooperation with an unjust law, but rather a legitimate and proper attempt to limit its evil aspects." Logically, it follows from these words of the Pope that a voter may likewise vote for that candidate who will most likely limit the evils of abortion or any other moral evil at issue.

As we approach October (Respect Life Month) please listen to the Word of Our Lord & Savior to let your conscience be your guide as you listen to His Word. Being a Disciple of Christ tells all of us that it’s our Obligation as Catholics & Brother Knights to lead by example in protecting the Sanctity of Life as we know it to be.

In this article please click on Guidelines for Political Activity so you are aware what is or isn’t permitted as Knights of Columbus when it comes to discussing politics.

God bless each of you & your families.

 Respectfully, Tim & Cindy Donovan

Pro Life Chair Couple Michigan State Council Knights of Columbus


Michigan Membership Horse Race

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Council Chaplain Awards

Quarterly council horse race winners of each heat will receive $100 for their Council Chaplain.
(Twelve winners). Heat winners are determined by percent of growth for the quarter.

                        HEAT #1                              HEAT #2                                  HEAT #3

WIN        COUNCIL #7571    100%       COUNCIL  #575    90%       COUNCIL #13419 62%

PLACE    COUNCIL #13703  68%        COUNCIL #2508    78%       COUNCIL #13958 58%

SHOW     COUNCIL #16311  60%        COUNCIL #8669    71%        COUNCIL #5981  44%


Diocese Chaplain/Bishop Awards

The Diocese with the highest percentage of growth, based on the published quotas will win the semiannual incentive.  The Diocesan Chaplain will receive $250.00 and Bishop will receive $500.00.

KALAMAZOO                      26%                 GRAND RAPIDS                 16%

GAYLORD                            15%                 LANSING                             15%

DETROIT                             14%                 SAGINAW                             10%

MARQUETTE                      9%

Bishop’s Tribute Award

Each Diocese that achieves 100% of its membership quota by June 30, 2016 will earn $ 1000 to be given to their bishop.  Results will be updated on the State web site at  Annual Gross Results will be utilized to determine final results based on the “Horse Race” membership performance tracking method.

horse race logo

Top Ten Horses by Heats

2nd  QUARTER Horse Race Starts Now!

October – November - December

 All Councils will get a fresh start for the next quarter. Keep watching for the next posting from:


Take 5 Plus Program Michigan Charities Fund

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In the spirit of charity, the principle of our Order, with your voluntary contributions the Take “5” Plus Program of the Michigan Charities fund has continued to grow as a State Council resource for those in need.

Since its inception in 1977 the Take “5” Plus Program of the Michigan Charities Fund has been able to help many charities, listed are a few of them;

* All Diocesan Vocations

* Archdiocese Clergy Outing – Vocations

* Bishop Baraga Association

* Catholic Education

* Capuchin Community Center

* Catholic High School League

* Catholic Publications

* Center for Women

* Family Donations all Dioceses

* Catholic Radio

* Holy Cross Children Services

* Most Holy Trinity Parish

* Guest House

* Livingston County Ultra Sound Initiative

* Sacred Heart Major Seminary

* RTL Agencies

* Parochial Schools Cross Country Youth Rally

* Shared Pregnancy Crisis Center

* Special Days Cancer Camp

* Prep Bowl/RTL Mich. Education Fund

* Squires Scholarship

* St. Anne’s Mackinac Island

* St. Francis Cabrini Clinic

* St. Francis Retreat Center

* St. Vincent Home Lansing

* Solanus Casey Center

* Students for Life

* Summer Scripture, Lansing

* UP Catholic Newspaper


A $5.00 contribution by each of the approximately 66,500 Michigan Knights would give the Michigan Charities Fund $ 350,000.00 to distribute. Just think of the good that we could do if each member gave his fair share.

We need your support! Please include $5.00 or more with your dues payment or send a separate check payable to your local council. (Write Take “5” Plus Program) on the memo line. Your Financial Secretary will send the total Take”5” Plus Program contributions to the State Secretary.

Working together as a team of 66,500 we can be a tremendous force of support for those who truly need us. Please do what you can. We thank you in advance for your help to help others. Vivat Jesus!

Attention Worthy Financial Secretaries,

 As the council, annual dues billing season approaches please insure the list of charities which receive support from the State Council is distributed with your billings.

For those councils that bill manually by hard mail it is easy. Just insert the slip listing the charities provided by the State through your District Deputy into the billing envelope.

For councils that bill electronically we need you to make an extra step and either mail the slip separately or add as an e-mail attachment to your members.

A JPEG copy of the slip from our website under Resources/Council Materials is linked here.

The promotion of the Take “5’ Plus Program by distribution of the slip is essential for the funding of our charities program.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Any questions may be directed to:

William J. Walsh PSD Director Take ”5” Plus Program Michigan Charities. 517-629-9273

Archdiocesan Vocations League Memorial Mass

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