Winners of Joint State & Council Raffle 2017

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funds to council 4-25-17 
Total Reached  $245,384.01
Final Raffle take $245,384.01
20% of council gross ticket sales go back to council  for their charities - $49,076.80 returns to councils
Total tickets sold 48,544 




5 502899 $1,000.00 11761 DAVE SMYCZYNSKI CONKLIN
6 68952 $1,000.00 521 MARY G. SCHUCKER PORT HURON
7 698670 $1,000.00 13641 HAROLD JACOBUS GRANDVILLE
8 798339 $500.00 1120 BOB TAHANEY WATERVLIET
9 438253 $500.00 7413 RICHARD C. COUSINO ERIE
10 558983 $500.00 12044 STEPHEN THOMAS LAINGSBURG
11 608224 $250.00 3027 RICK SCHAFER FOWLER
12 184680 $250.00 1987 L. RENUSCH LAPEER
13 181255 $250.00 695 JOHN GUMBEL DETROIT
14 40506 $250.00 11658 JAMES BAWKS HARRISON TWP.
15 265008 $250.00 414 LARY BUKOESKI BAY CITY
16 223501 $250.00 8043 G. ONIFER SANFORD
17 901877 $250.00 8605 TIM DONOVAN FOWERVILLE
18 144481 $250.00 5436 BILL MOUNTAIN CLARKSTON
19 473877 $250.00 3615 ERIC TOWE TRENTON
20 320463 $250.00 1546 JOHN M. HUNT BAD AXE
21 901519 $250.00 7444 AMY O'CALLAGHAN COMMERCE
22 742119 $150.00 7100 BOB TUNNEY GOETZZVILLE
23 478550 $150.00 3021 DEACON JAMES HENSEL WESTLAND
24 167023 $150.00 4285 LOUIS BRYAN, SR. CLIO
25 468288 $150.00 3860 JOE VITALE TAYLOR
26 916499 $150.00 13673 BRUCE ROBERTS LIVONIA
27 493220 $150.00 1802 LOUIS JAGER WYANDOTTE
28 129806 $150.00 3869 SANDY KASSB W. BLOOMFIELD
29 342458 $150.00 5083 AL SITERLET OSCODA

State Convention Workshops

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Three workshops are available during this year’s State Convention. All rooms are located upstairs by the entrance to the Theater.

All workshops are open to attendees, who can sign up in advance.

Thursday, May 25, 2017 – 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

Workshop 1: Evangelizing Millennials: Attracting Younger Catholics

Presenter: Wayne Slomiany, State Evangelization / Vocations Director

Location: Strait of Mackinaw room

Description: It is often challenging to evangelize young men and women getting them active in the Catholic faith. This workshop will present techniques that councils can use to attract and involve them in parish faith communities.

 to register for workshop 1 click on logo workshop logo


Workshop 2: Columbian Award Criteria Update

Presenters: Ed Strach, State Family Life Director

                       Tom Arehardt, State Church Director

Location: Brighton Pavilion room

Description: The Supreme Council is changing the criteria for achieving the Columbian Award. This workshop will present the anticipated changes.

 to register for workshop 2 click on  logo workshop logo


 Workshop 3: Public Relations: Keys to Promoting and Marketing Councils

 Presenters: Gary Merritt, State Public Relations Director

                        Ken Krause, State Membership Director

 Location: Headquarters of the Capitol Club

Descriptions: Communication through effective public relations is a key to gaining and keeping members. This workshop will provide an overview of how PR can promote and market councils and their programs. It will provide a list of resources that councils can use. Participants will draft press releases for one or more of their council programs that can be submitted to community publications, Columbia Magazine and the Michigan Columbian. Participants will be able to complete the Michigan Exemplary Public Relations Award form.

to register for workshop 3 click on logo workshop logo

Horse Race

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Diocese Chaplain/Bishop Awards

The Diocese with the highest percentage of growth, based on the published quotas will win the semi-annual incentive.  The Diocesan Chaplain will receive $250.00 and Bishop will receive $500.00.

Bishop’s Tribute Award

Each Diocese that achieves 100% of its membership quota by June 30, 2017 will earn $ 1000 to be given to their bishop.  Results will be updated on the State web site at  Annual Gross Results will be utilized to determine final results based on the “Horse Race” membership performance tracking method.

As we end week #11 (3/17/17) of this race the results are posted below.

 KALAMAZOO              36%            GRAND RAPIDS           28% 

           DETROIT                    25%             GAYLORD                    25%           

LANSING                     24%            SAGINAW                      12%

 MARQUETTE               5%

Mike Mal at Track Side

Horse Race Logo

 Horse Race          3rd QUARTER RESULTS

                         HEAT #1                            HEAT #2                       HEAT #3

WIN            COUNCIL #10343   217%       COUNCIL #7761   109%       COUNCIL #3774    54%

PLACE        COUNCIL #13452  133%       COUNCIL #14427   78%      COUNCIL #13453   54%

SHOW         COUNCIL #13653  125%       COUNCIL #8605     75%      COUNCIL #6742    50%

We have a tie in HEAT #3

Running of the Silver Rose

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                      MICHIGAN SILVER ROSE RUN 2017                         

SD-VinceEllie-Silver Rose 


March 28, Tues. 2017              Receive Silver Rose from Indiana Jurisdiction

April 2, Sun. 2017                  Western Michigan University Student Council

April 4, Tues. 2017                 Holy Angels, Sturgis

April 5, Wed. 2017                 St. Mary’s, Bronson

April 6, Thurs. 2017               San Felipe de Jesus, Fennville               

April 8, Sat. 2017                    San Jose Obrero, Grand Rapids.

April 9, Palm Sun.                   San Jose Obrero, Grand Rapids.

April 13, 14,15 – Triduum – Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday

April 18, Easter Tues.             Immaculate Conception, Hartford

April 19, Easter Wed.             St. Margaret, Otsego          

April 21, Easter Fri.                St. Mary Magdalene, Kentwood

April 22, Easter Sat.               St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Paw Paw

April 23, Divine Mercy Sun, 10 AM Mass, St. Joseph, Battle Creek

 5 PM Mass, St. Jerome, Battle Creek

 April 24, Mon.                         St. Basil School, Battle Creek

 April 26, Wed.                         St. Mary School, Paw Paw

 April 27, Thurs.                        St. Mary School, Paw Paw

 April 28, Fri.                            St. Charles and Helena, Clio

 April 29, Sat.                           St. Mary, Mio

 April 30, Sun.                          St. Mary, Mio

 May 2, Tuesday                      St. John Paul II Academy Menominee, AM

 May 9 Tuesday                       St. Sebastian, Bessemer

 May 10, Wednesday               Sacred Heart School and parish, L’Anse

 May 11, Thursday                   St. Anthony, Gwinn

 May 12, Friday                        St. Lawrence the King, Harvey

 May 13, Sat.                            St. Peter Cathedral, 100th year Anniversary of Apparition of  Our Lady of Fatima, Marquette 

 May 14, 2017                          Pass on Silver Rose to Ohio Jurisdiction  


 view the Silver Rose booklet 

Contact State Silver Rose Run Coordinator Vince Cabras;

269-657-7130, 269-447-8288 ,  

if your council is inerested in hosting the Silver Rose on any of the opening dates.

2017 Michigan State Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee

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2017 Convention Ladies Raffle

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2017 Convention Ladies Raffle

Items Needed

        Please Donate

Ladies raffle 16 1  To the 2017 Raffle

  To Benefit Charities

 Volunteers will be needed to help with:

ticket sales, set-up and packing up.


Please contact the State Advocate’s Wife Karen Winkle

                by phone or email

2600 Ellsworth Columbus, MI 48063

Phone: 586-727-1724 cell 586- 615-2508

Fax: 586-727-1864


  ladies raffle 16 2

Link toLadies Charity Raffle Donation Form



Building the Domestic Church Kiosk

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The Supreme Council is offering a membership recruitment incentive to councils that obtain at least 6 new or reactivated members from January 1 – March 31. Those councils will receive a Domestic Church Kiosk and Booklet Set that can be displayed in a parish served by the council. The kiosk would normally cost $150. This is a great way to show the knights support for our faith and to advertise our commitment to our parish families.

Of course, apart from the incentive, councils can also purchase the kiosk. See the information provided by State Family Life Director Ed Strach for additional information.

Building the Domestic Church

At the Michigan State Council Winter Leadership meeting a new Building the Domestic Church kiosk and popular Catholic Information Service books was on display.

Our councils should use the complete library of CIS materials in their membership formation as well as promote them for parish continuing education, youth catechesis and spiritual study groups.

The Building the Domestic church series builds on this tradition and presents some of the most popular CIS resources aimed at helping us to live out the Church’s mission and vision for our families. Series topics include parenting, fatherhood and family prayer life, as well as two of St. John Paul II’s famous messages for the family – Letter to Families and The Family in the Modern World.

Knights of Columbus councils can now order a complete parish set of the BDC series for their parishes and receive a free display kiosk. For ordering the series and promoting the resources within their parish councils will receive credit for a "domestic church" activity towards the Columbian award.

Ordering Information

The parish Building the Domestic Church series set (with free kiosk) is available to councils for $150.00 USD (includes shipping) for councils in the U.S. and Canada.

Councils should order the BDC series set online through Knights Gear under the “Domestic Church” tab. Council officers can also call or email Catholic Information Service to order at (203) 752-4267 or

Action Steps

1.             Speak with your pastor about the opportunity to promote the series and secure a location to display the kiosk in the parish hall or vestibule. 

2.             Order the kiosk through Knights Gear store or by email Catholic Information Service at (Grand knights and financial secretaries have the ability to charge directly to the council through their “Officers Online” account access to the Knights Gear store).

3.             Assign a member to be responsible for receiving and setting up the kiosk. The shipment includes a fully assembled kiosk and one box of 225 booklets. 

4.             Include an announcement in your church bulletin or ask the pastor to announce that this new resource for families is available courtesy of the knights of Columbus.

5.             Check in on the display and order a refill of books when supplies are low. You may want to speak to your pastor about collaborating with the parish to buy future orders since the council can order the reduced rate for books in bulk. You can customize your refill orders through the online Knights Gear store or order a standard refill box.

6.             Consider sponsoring a family study program with the domestic church series. Pick one book to promote and read as a family. 

Ed Strach

State Family Director

Domestic Church Kiosk


April Columbian Available Online

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This issue of the Michigan Columbian is made available for viewing in two formats below. A Flipbook version that needs no plugin to read or a PDF version that needs a plugin. We suggest using Foxit PDF reader over Adobe reader.

-- Michigan Columbian April 2017 (Flipbook) --   OR   -- Michigan Columbian April 2017 (PDF) --

View previous Michigan Columbian issues here

Columbian Award SP-7

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 Columbian Award Changes 

Please note that Supreme Council has made a change in the requirements for the Columbian Award Application (Form SP-7).  The new requirement specifies that four of the programs have to be designated as Domestic Church programs. For a list of the qualified Domestic Church programs as designated by Supreme Council please see the attached “Columbian Award Changes for the 2016-2017 Fraternal Year” or visit  The updated Columbian Award Application (Form SP7) now has a check box on the left hand side of the form to designate the four selected Domestic Church programs.

The selected Domestic church programs can be added the Quarterly MI-1 Report by selecting “Add Program” at the end of each list of selected programs in the six different activities categories.  Please contact your Diocesan Program Director or State Program Director Dale Schaedig  if you have any questions about the new requirements.


Knights of Columbus councils have always responded to the most urgent needs of the Church, particularly through charitable and social outreach. In order to support the evangelization of family life today, each council must be even more fully integrated with our Catholic parishes. As the world’s largest Catholic fraternal and family organization, we have a responsibility to dedicate our time, talent and resources to ensuring that our parishes are beacons of the new evangelization and that our families are supported and strengthened by our activities. In order to highlight the importance of this new initiative and its impact on our mission, the Supreme Council is announcing changes to the Columbian Award effective immediately. In order to earn the Columbian Award, councils need to meet the following qualifications:

Submit the Service Program Personnel • Report (#365)

• Submit the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728).

Councils instituted after November 1 do not have to meet this requirement.

  Annually conduct and report at least four (4) programs in each of the six categories of the Surge with Service Program AND at least four (4) of those programs need to be designated as “Domestic Church” programs. Please visit church to review the most up-to-date list of programs and activities. The following programs currently carry the Domestic Church designation:

 • Journey to the Inn

 • Father’s Day Affirmation of Wedding Vows

 • Consecration to the Holy Family

 • Family Fully Alive Devotional Program                     

 • Holy Family Celebrations (Diocesan-wide)

 • Food for Families

 • Keep Christ in Christmas

 • Spiritual Formation Groups (Into the Breach)

 • 5th Sunday Rosary Program

 • Family Week Celebrations

An expalnation of thse program is decribed in the article; Domestic Church Columbian Award requirements 16-17

 Link to SP-7 Columbian Award Application here