Delta Church Drive

Published by: Gary Merritt On: 02/20/2019 Under: All Articles

  Our State Deputy Bill Chasse and Michigan’s membership team would like to share exciting information our Supreme Regional staff introduced at a number of membership workshop meetings this past month. This is an overview of the information shared at the meetings.

  A new concept, the "Delta Drive" builds on the updated methods of hosting a church drive or a parish campaign to make the process easier to conduct and to increase the positive results.  The program in the attachment has been tested and shown to be easy to use and effective in introducing men, especially younger men to our Order.

  The purpose of the Delta Drive is to have technology work for you and your councils in a new approach to attract younger members. Using the Delta approach, we are relying in part on an effective pulpit speech and brochures in the church pews to share our message with the addition of a web page and e-mail contact.  

  After getting the prospects name and email information during the Delta Drive and entering this information in a "landing page" provided to your council by Supreme for this specific event, the prospect will receive emailed information from Supreme about the Knights of Columbus story.  Additionally, the council will have email sent to inform the prospect of events happening at the council-level and how to set up a time to learn more about the local council.

  The prospects will continue to receive information on a weekly basis about who we are as Knights and how your Council makes a difference in your parishes and your communities.  

  There is a kit needed for the Delta drive and this is NOT the traditional church drive kit available to order from Supreme.  These new kits are only available by contacted our Supreme Regional Training Director Jon Olson at: 

  Contacting Jon and ordering the Delta Kit will start the process. He will show you how to request your prospect landing page and explain how the prospect will get personalized information from Supreme.  As well as answering any questions you may have on how this program works.

  This program reaches younger men and their families with information of interest to them and their spiritual needs and how they can be part of the charitable works being done in your parishes and communities.

  Please review over the information in the packet by clicking on the picture below and consider add this exciting new program to your membership outreach.   

  To learn more, please contact our Supreme Regional Training Director Jon Olson at: 

  State Membership Director Jim Kraus

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