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Published by: Gary Merritt On: 11/08/2018 Under: All Articles

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The Endowed Scholarship Fund is an agreement between the Michigan Knights of Columbus and Sacred Heart Major Seminary initiated April 5th, 2018.  The agreement specifies that the Michigan K of C jurisdiction will commit to fund the Scholarship Fund in the amount of $1,000,000.



My Brother Knights All: 

Mid November, signals the start of over 400 Financial Secretaries in our jurisdiction preparing to send out dues notifications to their council membership.

Inclusive with dues notice will be a request for our 65,000 members to include a $6/member or more donation to the S.H.M.S. Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Pray fully consider a donation when you receive your dues notice.  I encourage councils to host a fund-raising project or make up the difference between total council collected 

membership donations and actual member donations.


One of our members accepted the challenge and personally donated $11,000. If we all donate, we can have the Endowed Scholarship Fund fully funded in 3 years.  

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Council checks should be mailed to the State Secretary Walter Winkle and payable to Michigan State Knights of Columbus Charities.  Memo line:  S.H.M.S. Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Thank you for your generous donation assisting the many Seminarians who will be benefitting from the "Fund".

Fraternally, John L. Rademacher Chairperson, Endowed Scholarship Fund

j.rademacher@mikofc.org   517-749-6757