Local Councils in Action

Published by: Gary Merritt On: 08/01/2018 Under: Youth

To promote the activities of our local councils around the State, various council programs will be posted here.

Send your stories of worthy council programs along with pics to g.merritt@mikofc.org.

St. Mary Magdalen Council 16223 Kentwood

16223 School Supplies

The idea of supplying school supplies to needy students was brought up at our last District meeting. I brought the idea to the Parish of St. Mary Magdalen and asked if they thought it would be a program we could run during the month of August (since it is a program the Parish currently didn't have) to help out the kids at are local community schools in Kentwood.  All agreed and an announcement and directions for dropping off the items was made at all weekend mass announcements, inserted into the bulletin and a flyer the Parishioners could pick up at any time with a list of the items requested.  The parish then allowed for the drop off of any items to the church throughout the month of August so the Knights could make collections a couple times a week and place them in storage until the presentation date. Pictured on the left are all the supplies in my car with my two kids going to drop it off at the school administration building.  The second picture is dropping them off the to the director of homeless student services.  GK 16223 Sean Klisz

Monroe Council 1266


Holiday Camp 1266

On Monday July 9th members of the Knights of Columbus Council 1266 in Monroe volunteered to prepare and serve lunch for approximately 100 campers and volunteers at Holiday Camp.

Since 1954, Holiday Camp has provided summer programming for Monroe County youth with disabilities. Located on beautiful 3 1/2-acres along the River Raisin, Holiday Camp is a special summer place where youth with disabilities can relax, explore, develop new skills, flex their muscles, and learn teamwork; all in a fun-filled atmosphere of support .


Holy Family Council 10992 Sparta

Flushing CouncilF10992 donate to HELP

Flushing Council 8489 & Fr. Adden Council 14031 Flint

In August 2018, crossing district lines, the Flushing Council (8489, Flushing, Michigan) teamed up with the Fr. John E. Madden Council (14031, Flint, Michigan) and organized through Deacon Mike Martin of Chelsea, Michigan. These Councils went to the fringes to lend a helping hand. St. Mary’s Church was given a house to remodel and donate to a deserving family. Located in the inner city of Flint, Michigan, these two Councils volunteered over 100 hours tearing down the garage, which was in disrepair and considered a hazard. Pictured is the beginning of this project followed by a picture of how these Councils left this property. The last picture shows Brother Ed Hallwood Jr. (Council 8489 on right) and Grand Knight Harvey Yee (Council 14031 on left) sizing up the garage just before its collapse.

Flushing Flint garage