Membership Proposers Incentives

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In the August and September Proposer Incentive Contest the names of ten proposers were drawn by the State Officers from the lists provided by the Supreme Council. They will receive checks for $50 for their work recruiting new and reactivated members to their councils and growing the Order. 50 bucks

   Proposer’s Name                   Council                                                                     Diocese

  James R. Highfield                  Pope Paul VI Council 4141                                   Kalamazoo

  Edward V. Warren                  Flushing Council 8489                                          Lansing

  Anthony H. O’Connor             Niles Council 708                                                  Kalamazoo

  Thomas J. Nevedal                  St. Michael of Sterling Hts. Council 13799       Detroit            

  Garland R. Wood                     Deacon Jerry Mix Council 2508                         Kalamazoo                 

  Patrick H. Flannery                  Msgr. Hardy Council 8391                                  Lansing           

  Gerald H. Horak                       St. Cyril & Methodius Council 13449                 Saginaw

  James E. Maurer                      Niles Council 708                                                  Kalamazoo                 

  Jeff A. Hudson                          Immaculate Heart of Mary Council 1120         Kalamazoo

  Jerome S. Blaszak                    St. Joseph Council 8113                                       Lansing

Membership Proposers


 October - November - December 


 October – all proposers with five or more new or Reactivated Members

A Knights of Columbus Pen & Pencil Set  pen & pencil


 Polo Shirt small

November - Recruiters of three or more new or reactivated members will receive a K of C “Catholic and Proud” Polo shirt.



December – A Knight Before Christmas Incentive

All proposers of new or reactivated members and the members they recruit will each receive an olive wood rosary from Bethlehem.

Olive Wood Rosary 

Proposer Pin     New State Incentives:


   July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018


  All members who recruit a new or reactivated member will receive a specially designed Proposer pin.

 Every month of this Fraternal Year that Michigan attains 250 or more new or reactivated members, the names of 50 proposers will be drawn for a

 Polo shirt

K of C "Catholic and Proud" polo shirt!