Running of the Silver Rose

Published by: Gary Merritt On: 03/20/2017 Under: Church

                      MICHIGAN SILVER ROSE RUN 2017                         

Ellie-Silver Rose 






April 28, Fri.                            St. Charles and Helena, Clio

 April 29, Sat.                           St. Mary, Mio

 April 30, Sun.                          St. Mary, Mio

 May 2, Tuesday                      St. John Paul II Academy Menominee, AM 

May 9 Tuesday                       St. Sebastian, Bessemer

 May 10, Wednesday               Sacred Heart School and parish, L’Anse

 May 11, Thursday                   St. Anthony, Gwinn

 May 12, Friday                        St. Lawrence the King, Harvey

 May 13, Sat.                            St. Peter Cathedral, 100th year Anniversary of Apparition of  Our Lady of Fatima, Marquette 

 May 14th                                  St. Augustine Kalamazoo

 May 16, 2017                          Pass on Silver Rose to Ohio Jurisdiction

  view the Silver Rose booklet 

Contact State Silver Rose Run Coordinator Vince Cabras;

269-657-7130, 269-447-8288 ,  

if your council is inerested in hosting the Silver Rose on any of the opening dates.