Columbian Award SP-7

Published by: Gary Merritt On: 11/14/2016 Under: All Articles

 Columbian Award Changes 

Please note that Supreme Council has made a change in the requirements for the Columbian Award Application (Form SP-7).  The new requirement specifies that four of the programs have to be designated as Domestic Church programs. For a list of the qualified Domestic Church programs as designated by Supreme Council please see the attached “Columbian Award Changes for the 2016-2017 Fraternal Year” or visit  The updated Columbian Award Application (Form SP7) now has a check box on the left hand side of the form to designate the four selected Domestic Church programs.

The selected Domestic church programs can be added the Quarterly MI-1 Report by selecting “Add Program” at the end of each list of selected programs in the six different activities categories.  Please contact your Diocesan Program Director or State Program Director Dale Schaedig  if you have any questions about the new requirements.


Knights of Columbus councils have always responded to the most urgent needs of the Church, particularly through charitable and social outreach. In order to support the evangelization of family life today, each council must be even more fully integrated with our Catholic parishes. As the world’s largest Catholic fraternal and family organization, we have a responsibility to dedicate our time, talent and resources to ensuring that our parishes are beacons of the new evangelization and that our families are supported and strengthened by our activities. In order to highlight the importance of this new initiative and its impact on our mission, the Supreme Council is announcing changes to the Columbian Award effective immediately. In order to earn the Columbian Award, councils need to meet the following qualifications:

Submit the Service Program Personnel • Report (#365)

• Submit the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728).

Councils instituted after November 1 do not have to meet this requirement.

  Annually conduct and report at least four (4) programs in each of the six categories of the Surge with Service Program AND at least four (4) of those programs need to be designated as “Domestic Church” programs. Please visit church to review the most up-to-date list of programs and activities. The following programs currently carry the Domestic Church designation:

 • Journey to the Inn

 • Father’s Day Affirmation of Wedding Vows

 • Consecration to the Holy Family

 • Family Fully Alive Devotional Program                     

 • Holy Family Celebrations (Diocesan-wide)

 • Food for Families

 • Keep Christ in Christmas

 • Spiritual Formation Groups (Into the Breach)

 • 5th Sunday Rosary Program

 • Family Week Celebrations

An expalnation of thse program is decribed in the article; Domestic Church Columbian Award requirements 16-17

 Link to SP-7 Columbian Award Application here