RTL Petition Drive update

Published by: Gary Merritt On: 07/15/2020 Under: All Articles


End of the Petition Drive to Ban Dismemberment Abortions


On July 13, Planned Parenthood issued an expected challenge to the second sample of signatures for the Michigan Values Life petition drive to end dismemberment abortions. Sadly, that challenge has invalidated enough signatures to end the petitoin drive.
We know we submitted signatures from more than 340,047 registered voters. It is tragic that children will continue to be dismembered because we lost just enough signatures due to errors and petition damage like small tears and stains.
Instead of focusing on court challenges regarding the counting process, we will be focusing on the critical 2020 elections moving forward.
For those who worked so hard on this petition drive, thank you! You did an excellent job. The bulk of the errors were things beyond your control, specifically people not knowing their voter registration status or forgetting they already signed the petition.
Unlike our previous petition drives, we were forced to fight a series of unprecedented battles we did not choose. We had to retrain volunteers for a different petition drive law, the dismemberment ban was never sent to the governor to veto, a competing prolife petition drive confused people, and we faced other challenges every step of the way.
The biggest hurdle was the large turnout in the 2018 election, which increased the number of signatures required. Our signature total would have been more than required in any previous year in Michigan history. We submitted about 65,000 more signatures than we did in our successful petition drive in 2013 to stop taxes from paying for abortion insurance coverage. It wasn’t enough this time.
Your effort behind this petition drive was worth it and will carry forward. We educated more than 400,000 people about this barbaric abortion procedure. We will need them in the future, because we will continue working until we end this form of violence and protect the lives of every unborn child.

We will keep you updated! Right to Life of Michigan