Get Out the Vote

Published by: Gary Merritt On: 07/13/2020 Under: All Articles

                          SD Winkle Get out the Vote

Brother Knights, one of the reasons why Michigan leads the entire country in reducing abortions is because of strong prolife partnerships.  At the top of that list is our working relationship with the Michigan Catholic Conference, the Michigan Bishops and Right to Life of Michigan.

By working together, we have compiled a list of prolife accomplishments that is without parallel.

But today I am reaching out to you with an urgent request.  There are just a few weeks left before we vote in the August 4th primary election.  Regrettably, many of our fellow citizens neglect to vote in August and sometimes even in November.

That is a big mistake!  Elections have serious consequences!

Please do not underestimate the importance of the August 4th primary vote.  Many key races will be decided in August, making the November general election a mere formality in these districts.

In preparation for the August 4th primary election, Right to Life of Michigan PAC has thoroughly vetted and then endorsed 297 prolife candidates from virtually every corner of our great state.

Given the importance of this historic election year, I would urge you to do your best to encourage your fellow Knights, to not only vote on August 4th, but to help get out the vote!

Identifying endorsed prolife candidates in your community is simple.  Go to and follow the prompts.  Once at the website, you can print your personalized ballot of endorsed candidates.  Then you can make copies and distribute freely. You can also send the website to your entire address book.  There are endless ways to get the word out!

I would also encourage you to reach out to your local Right to Life affiliate and offer your assistance as they attempt to mobilize the community to stand up for the unborn child.  Time is running out, please act today.

Rise up and Answer the Call! 

SD Walter Winkle Jr.