2020 Michigan State Charity Raffle

Published by: Gary Merritt On: 03/23/2020 Under: All Articles

***Update*** COVID-19 Virus

Following the guidelines of our Federal, State and Local Government as well as the Center for Disease Control.  In cooperation with the Michigan Lottery Charitable Gaming and the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council; we are making necessary changes to our Michigan Knights of Columbus State Charity Raffle drawing. 

While the raffle will continue as scheduled, the raffle party has been cancelled.  Our raffle drawing will still take place on April 16, 2020.  Due to Governor Whitmer’s Executive order #2020-20 unfortunately this will not be an open event.

Brother Knights, now is the time to go through your mail at home and find those tickets that were mailed to you in November.  Please sell your tickets or purchase them and send the returns into the State Office.  (please DO NOT send cash).  This may be a great time to purchase your tickets and gift them to your family and friends, to put a smile on their face of happy times to come when the COVID-19 Virus passes.  Thanks to your efforts, diligent sales and participation, the State Charity Raffle has been trending higher in revenue and sold ticket returns than last year.  However, this unforeseen COVID-19 Virus has put a damper on what traditionally has been one of our most active sales surges, our Knights of Columbus and Parish FISH FRIES.   Most if not all fish fries have been cancelled or drastically reduced to carry out only.  Couple this with all Masses being cancelled and we are losing what traditionally has been great opportunities for sales. 

Brother Knights who have bought or sold your tickets and sent your returns to the State Office, Thank you.  Brothers who took and sold extra tickets, Thank you.  Brothers who have sold extra tickets after Mass and at our Fish Fries, Thank You.  Now is the time to send your sold ticket stubs and checks into the State Office.  “We need YOU!”

Have we told ya we love ya today?

Gary “Elwood Blues” DeCarlo & Kevin “Joliet Jake” Rowley 

 Michgan State Charity Raffle Chairmen

Raffle thermo 4-15-20

Our State Raffle update as of 4/15 = $221,487.00.  This is really outstanding considering what is currently happening.  Just a reminder that there is only 1 day left before the drawing on April 16, 2020. If you have ticket to submit you better overnight them.  Go Knights of Columbus you're the greatest we need you more than ever.  

Money to councils as of 4-10 was $44,297.40

God Bless all of you for supporting our 2020 State Raffle.


 "Did we tell you we love you today!"

Gary DeCarlo and Kevin Rowley - State Raffle Directors