The Installation of State Leadership

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The Installation of State Council Officers and District Deputies Ceremonial should always be held after Mass in conjunction with the Annual Organizational Meeting of District Deputies. The State Deputy and the State Chaplain shall invite the Ordinary of the Diocese to preside at the Installation Mass. If he accepts, the Bishop should be afforded the opportunity to say the opening prayer, bless the jewels of office, and install the State Chaplain. If the Bishop does not accept, the State Chaplain shall say the opening prayer, bless the jewels and the State Deputy shall install and invest the State Chaplain. Should the State Chaplain be a bishop, he can decide who should say the Mass; he should in all instances say the opening prayer and bless the jewels of office at the Installation Ceremonial, and the State Deputy will invest the Bishop with the Jewel of Office.

The Installation of State Leadership of Michigan for the Fraternal Year 2018/2019 occurred after Mass at St. Gerard Parish in Lansing on September 8, 2018. Bishop Boyea of Lansing celebrated Mass along with concelebrants Bishop Raica of Gaylord,  Bishop Hanchon and Bishop Robert Fisher of Detroit, Rv. John Klein and our State Chaplain Fr. Paul Ericson. Our Diocesan Chaplains were also in attendance.

Installation 18 a

The State Deputy William Chasse addressed and instructed all before the Installation began.

Insallation 18 b

Bishop Boyea blessed the jewels and all Chaplains, District Deputies, State, Regional and Diocesan Directors were installed beginning with the State Chaplain.

Although the State Deputy was installed by the Supreme Knight Carl Anderson in New Haven, Beth Chasse formally draped the State Deputy jewel around the leader of the Michigan Jurisdiction.

Installation 18 c

The festivities then moved to the Lansing Convention Center for dinner and program which included the passing of the ships wheel from the home council of the IPSD Ken Unterbrink, #3092 to the SDs council, #788.

O Heavenly Father, aid us to be the finest example of complete dedication to the practice of Christian principles, as was our venerable founder Father Michael J. McGivney, and to conduct ourselves at all times so as to reflect your holy will. We pray that, with the help of Your grace and guidance, the understanding and wisdom of these leaders will be such, that the coming months of this fraternal year will see our members as men united in action, generous with their time and talents for Your greater glory and the well-being of all mankind. May Your name be blessed and Your Will be done on earth as it in heaven. From the opening prayer of the Installation of State Officers.

Worthy State Officers and District Deputies: We have been chosen to guide the destiny of the State Council during this fraternal year. Our duties will be many and, perhaps at times, trying and difficult. We will be held directly responsible for every aspect of the duties which our office demands. The health and welfare of our jurisdiction is dependent upon how we carry out these duties. Only through our dedication can we build a strong and bright future for our jurisdiction and for our Order. Our Brothers have demonstrated their confidence that we are capable of outstanding leadership. Let us prove that they were correct! From the SD Address in the Installation of State Officers.