Family Service Program Award Winner

Published by: Gary Merritt On: 05/30/2018 Under: Family (384 Hits)    

Building Upon Family Faith Through Family Interaction Saline Council #6674

The mission of this Family Service project was to develop and deploy programs with a religious focus that would positively impact the family with special emphasis on children and their family.

This initiative included working and coordinating efforts with St. Andrew ministries, subject matter experts and parishioners. The two focal programs included the Family Christmas party and Easter Egg Hunt.

Bldg Faith - Fam Interaction program

The Family Christmas party included dinner, candle lighting, adoration, caroling and crafts. Some of the crafts included cookie decorating and building of tin can lanterns. A welcome to “Bethlehem” games and skits included themes named Bethlehem Parks and Rec and Bethlehem Hotel District all to have fun while ensuring the true meaning of Christmas was told.

The Easter Egg Hunt focused on why we celebrate Easter and the significance that the egg plays during Easter. This included sharing an understanding of the celebration of the “rebirth” of mankind, the meaning of the egg as a renewal or rebirth is vital in the Easter theme. Families were given the opportunity to discuss the meaning and significance of Easter while including the traditional Easter Egg Hunt.  

These programs have brought the parish families of St. Andrew together with a purpose that provides the structure in Building the Domestic Church!