Mich K of C Business Card

Published by: Gary Merritt On: 04/24/2018 Under: All Articles (768 Hits)    

Supreme Council recently introduced an Online Membership option through the KofC.org website.  Michigan was added February 2018 and new members throughout the state are joining every week.  The best part is nearly every new member has indicated that they wish to join a local Council.

To drive them quickly to the JoinUs page, a business card has been developed that can be tailored to your Council/District/Diocesan needs.  Coordinated with the Supreme published ‘Why Join’ brochure, this provides an opportunity to market to all Catholic men an option to join on their own time in a way that is familiar, fast and convenient. 

The Card is available in PDF formats, you can quickly upload the design from mikofc.org and have cards available to your membership team within a matter of days.  At approximately $20/500cards this is an inexpensive option to engage and drive interest in the Knights of Columbus.  Consider adding a 2’x3’ banner prominently displaying the QR code and social media icons – at approximately $15, this is a real eye catcher.

Some suggestions for business card printers include Staples, OfficeMax, Costco, and online at VistaPrint.com, OvernightPrints.com, or Moo.com.  A quick search for coupon codes will help cut your costs as well.

If you wish to print a limited number of cards, you can utilize the Avery Design&Print website to print on standard/available formats right from your home computer.  A typical 10 card page (Avery #8875) is available as both AVERY and PDF formats.

Should you have questions, or need assistance with modifying the card, please contact the MI Online Membership Director, Carson Mantooth c.mantooth@mikofc.org  - 616-379-9069.