Michigan Silver Rose Run 2018

Published by: Gary Merritt On: 01/22/2018 Under: Church (310 Hits)    

 Michigan will have the honor of running the Silver Rose to promote Life from April 8th to May 20th. The following is the preliminary schedule.  The weekends have been requested by the councils listed but there is time during the week and the exact dates and times have not been set. If you are interested in hosting the Rose this year please contact me, Vince Cabras, Silver Rose director at v.cabras@mikofc.org or call my cell to talk to me directly or leave a text or voice message at 269-447-8288

 April 8                  Archdiocese -Pontiac #13930 and Milford #7444

 April 13, 14, 15    Archdiocese -Warren #3848 & Harrison #11658

 April 20, 21, 22    Archdiocese -Grosse Ile District #10 & Gross Pte Woods #7780

 April 27, 28, 29    Grand Rapids Diocese at Ionia #944 and Hart #2199

 May 4, 5, 6,         Grand Rapids, Lansing and Gaylord Dioceses at

                             Lowell #7719,Dexter #2954, & Mio #7329

 May 11, 12, 13    Marquette Diocese at Ironwood #1396, L’Anse #2934, &

                             Menominee #646

 May 18, 19, 20    Kalamazoo Diocese at Otsego #7796 and Paw Paw # 3798

In the Grand Rapids Diocese Kentwood #16223 & Wyoming #16422 are planning a joint visitation during the week with possible dancers from the Matachina pilgrims of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

 4th Degree Logo Small (01)

Fourth Degree Assemblies have been the prime movers of the Rose in many jurisdictions. Color guard is invited to make our visits special.   

 knights on bikes vest The Michigan Knights on Bikes have asked to transport the Rose at pick-up in Ontario and to drop-off in Ohio.