Membership Proposers Incentives

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 Membership Proposers


 July, August, September, October


July – All Proposers -- $10.00 Gift Card per Member

Gift card 10 

August – All Proposers - $5.00 Gift Card per

 Gift card 5


August – Proposers in a drawing for one of Ten $50.00 checks

 50 bucks

September – Same as August


October – all proposers with five or more new or Reactivated Members

A Knights of Columbus Pen & Pencil Set  pen & pencil



Proposer Pin     New State Incentives:


   July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018


  All members who recruit a new or reactivated member will recieve a specially designed Proposer pin.


Every month of this Fraternal Year that Michigan attains 250 or more new or reactivated members, the names of 50 proposers will be drawn for a

 Polo shirt

K of C "Catholic and Proud" polo shirt!