Horse Race

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Diocese Chaplain/Bishop Awards

The Diocese with the highest percentage of growth, based on the published quotas will win the semi-annual incentive.  The Diocesan Chaplain will receive $250.00 and Bishop will receive $500.00.

Bishop’s Tribute Award

Each Diocese that achieves 100% of its membership quota by June 30, 2017 will earn $ 1000 to be given to their bishop.  Results will be updated on the State web site at  Annual Gross Results will be utilized to determine final results based on the “Horse Race” membership performance tracking method.

As we end week #11 (3/17/17) of this race the results are posted below.

 KALAMAZOO              25%            DETROIT                     20%

 GAYLORD                    20%            GRAND RAPIDS           18%

 LANSING                     18%             SAGINAW                     6%

 MARQUETTE              3%

Mike Mal at Track Side

Horse Race Logo

Now we are down to the last week of racing in this quarter I have posted the results (3/24/17) of the top horses in each heat.  If you have any form 100’s now is the time to turn them in.

Horse Race graph 3-27-17

HEAT #1  (Council #10343) is still a runaway at 217%, but now (Council #13452) with 133% has taken over 2nd place. (Council #15352) has reached 100% nice job.

HEAT #2 Did not see this coming. I told you last week; with a 1st Degree the leader could be caught. Well guess what happened (Council #7761) with 109% came out of nowhere to take the lead.  What’s going to happen this week?  Any more surprises? Stay tuned.

HEAT #3 (Council #3774) has been out in front the whole race. The top three councils made a move this week. Now (Council #13453) with 54% is in the lead. This race is too close to call. Looks like it could be a photo finish.