Cans for Seminarians

Published by: Gary Merritt On: 06/24/2020 Under: All Articles (181 Hits)    

Our challenge for the 2020/21 calendar year was born from one man’s dream to help boost donations to our seminarian fund.  As you know this fund was created so that no seminarian would have to forgo his calling due to lack of monies which happens to be one of the main issues for men to leave the seminary. We all have lots of cans at home and probably know of many in our parishes that also have cans. 

This challenge has been designed to function similar to the horse race, with three divisions based on council membership. The first part is a council competition which starts on July 1 and runs to September 24th. The object is for councils to collect those cans and turn them in for cash then build their donation fund to be turned in to the State Faith Director to be tracked in their division. 

The winner of each division will have their councils First and Second delegates to the state convention staying at the Grand Hotel. 

The second challenge is a District wide winner takes all competition with a great incentive prize to remain a secret to the end. I can guarantee it will be awesome! This will run from October 1 to June 15th. Let’s show our seminarians we have their back and start collecting those cans, we have a mission to fulfill.


Cans for Seminarians:  Tips for a Successful Drive With a


 *Ask Everyone in your Council for their help and their cans to reach our goal     

* Ask Your Friends and Neighbors for their help and cans, every little bit helps

* Talk with FR. about addressing the Parish for their help! Everyone likes to pitch in!

* Be organized, appoint a chairperson to track the funds and keep the drive alive!

* Remember to have FUN, after all that is what it is about, Brother Knights and their Families coming together to accomplish something Grand {as in Hotel} in showing our Seminarians that we support them 100% in helping them achieve their goals!   

*So, do not be shy and let’s round up those Cans for our Seminarians!!!

 For more information contact Charlie McCuen State Advocate at