Archived Articles

01/18/201845th Annual March for Life Washington, D. C.
01/15/2018Michigans 44th Ultrasound Machine
01/07/2018State Secretary Tony Vittorini
01/06/2018Merry Christmas
01/05/2018Membership Proposers Incentives
12/26/2017Keep Christ in Christmas
12/25/2017Michigan's 43rd Ultrasound Machine
12/22/2017Michigan's 42nd Ultrasound Machine
12/20/201740th Annual Mich. KC RTL Dinner
12/18/2017Winter Meeting 17 Presentation
12/17/2017Coats for Kids
12/13/2017Week of Awareness for Persecuted Christians
12/03/2017Week of Awareness for Persecuted Christians
12/02/20172017 Winter Leadership Conference Workshops
11/30/2017Michigan's 41st Ultrasound Machine
11/30/2017New Members Advocate Program
11/27/2017Michigan's 40th Ultrasound Machine
11/20/2017State Soccer Challenge Winners
11/12/2017Archdiocesan Vocations League Memorial Mass
11/11/2017National Vocations Awareness Week
11/05/201740 Days for Life Fall Campaign 2017
11/01/2017Membership Proposers Incentives
10/31/20172018 Bowling Tournament Ad Book Deadline
10/31/2017Guanella Village
10/14/2017Miracle of the Sun
10/10/2017Christopher Columbus and Fake History
10/01/2017July Columbian Available Online
09/20/2017Supreme webinars
08/31/2017International Youth Program 2nd place winner
08/31/2017Support for the Holy Land
08/24/2017Solar Eclipse
08/23/201745th Annual March for Life
08/23/201745th Annual March for Life
08/19/2017Exemplary Public Relations Award Winners
08/19/2017Michigan Knights of Columbus Summer Leadership Conference
08/01/2017Support for the Holy Land
07/30/2017Horse Race ~ Final 16-17
07/19/20172017 Summer Diocesan Meeting Schedule
07/14/2017Michigan State Council Tiger Day 17
07/13/2017Michigan's 39th Ultrasound Machine
07/04/2017Supreme Knights Video at 2017 State Convention
07/04/2017117th Annual Mi State Convention Awards Presentation
07/03/2017Membership Horse Race Update
06/30/2017Proposer Incentive Award
06/30/2017Cardinal Simoni speaks on Catholic persecution
06/30/2017Columbian Award SP-7
06/22/201738th Ultrasound unit in Michigan
06/16/2017Membership Horse Race Update
06/10/2017Support for the Holy Land
06/03/2017Winners of Joint State & Council Raffle 2017
06/01/201739th Annual KC RTL Dinner
05/31/2017Building the Domestic Church Kiosk
05/27/2017Convention Workshops
05/25/20172017 Convention Ladies Raffle
05/24/2017State Convention Workshops
05/20/2017Horse Race
05/14/2017Running of the Silver Rose
05/03/20172017 Michigan State Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee
04/27/2017Knights of Columbus Right to Life 39th Annual Dinner
04/22/20172017 Joint Fundraiser For Council And State Charities
04/10/2017Mich. State Free Throw Winners
04/09/2017Palm Sunday Intellectual Disabilities Drive
03/25/2017Day of Prayer for the Unborn
03/18/2017Day of Prayer for the Unborn
03/18/201776th Annual MI KC Bowling Tournament
03/13/2017April Columbian Available Online
03/11/2017January Columbian Available Online
03/03/2017Admission Degree at Sacred Heart Major Seminary
02/20/2017March for Life Jan 27, 2017
02/20/2017March for Life 2017
01/25/2017Take 5 Plus Program Michigan Charities Fund
01/19/2017Membership Horse Race
01/15/2017Council Community Programs
01/06/2017Take 5 Plus Program Michigan Charities Fund
01/04/2017Michigan Right to Life Dinner 2017
01/04/2017Holy Cross Services
12/24/2016Keep Christ in Christmas
12/15/2016Merry Christmas from the State Board and Wives
12/05/2016Proposer Incentive Award
12/04/2016Growth Our Top Priority
12/01/2016Detroit Regional Bishop Michael Byrnes
12/01/2016October Columbian Available Online
11/30/2016Membership Horse Race
11/30/2016Installation Ad Book 2016 Online