A Message From Your Grand Knight

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My Brother Knights and Families:  Vivat Jesus!!

Brothers, I would like to invite you to join me for the Knights of Columbus family mass on May 31st at St. Gerard’s at 9:00 am. I need your help as we reserve 5-6 pews with Father Klein and proceed in at mass with the honor guard after father. My concern is that we are NOT having good participation at these masses and father has expressed his concerned about this. When I’m in mass, I look around and see many knights in other pews that don’t participate in the family mass with us as a group. Whether they don’t feel comfortable proceeding in before mass, or for other reasons, I only ask that perhaps you go in earlier and sit in the saved pews before we proceed. Father would like to see better participation with these family masses and I agree. My concern as your Grand Knight is that when we have several pews reserved for us, and the attendance does not fill these few saved pews, how do our priests and parish perceive the Knights of Columbus overall. I myself have a hard time accepting anyone that question our beliefs as Knights so I’m asking all knights and their families help turn this concern of mine and our priests around. We need to have a good showing at these masses to show the church community how strong we as the Knights of Columbus are and that we work together as a family/community. These family masses are only in the months that have five Sundays and I like to think participating in mass is a good way to show fellowship, faith and charity. So after all is said I hope we as knight can support the family masses to its fullest.

May 1st through the 31st we are again running our spring scrap drive. This fund raiser has helped the Knights of Columbus do the work of the order by raising funds for different charities. All you have to do is save all your metal, batteries, aluminum, stoves, refrigerator, dishwashers, washer/dryer and any other metals. Please feel free to call Ray Drouin to schedule a pick up time@ 517-372-4266

May 8th walleye dinner is back with a menu that includes 12oz walleye, bake potato, mixed vegetable, coleslaw and roll. The cost from 4-5pm is only $11.00 and between 5-7pm is $12.00. Just a reminder that this walleye dinner has sold out the last two times so get there early to guarantee you get in on this delicious walleye meal.

May 11th our Golf League starts so come and have some fun. We golf at Prairie Creek Golf Course in DeWitt and the cost is $185.00 which includes golf and season ending banquet meal. The league is a two person handicapped league starting 4:30 pm every Monday. After golf, come join me at Columbus Hall for food for only a free will donation. If you’re interested in joining as a regular or sub, please contact Don Schmitz at 517-449-2355.

May 17th we are having a 1st Degree at the hall. If you know of someone that would like to join the Knights of Columbus, please contact Membership Director Jay Corey at 517-974-6501. The Degree starts at 2:00 pm with a registration time of 1:00 pm if you are going through the degree.

May 31st as I indicated above, our Family Mass will be at 9:00 am at St. Gerard Church. Again, I ask you to please consider this council function and join us at mass as we celebrate together as Knights of Columbus families.

In service to one in service to all,

Ken Morrison
Grand Knight Council # 788

Family Mass (May 31st 9:00am Mass)

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Come Join Us For Family Mass At St. Gerard On Sunday, May 31, 2015.

All knights and their families are invited to sit together and worship at the 9:00am Mass.

Remembering Pope John Paul II

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This is the 10th year anniversary of our beloved Pope's death; Pope John Paul II. Today is his birth date so let us remember him and his great works. We wanted to share his last wishes on the United States of America during his October 1979 visit.

Totus Tuus 

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 Born May 18th, 1920
Birth name Karol Józef Wojtyla
Ordination November 1st, 1946
Papacy began October 16th, 1978
Died April 2nd, 2005
Canonized April 27th, 2014
Feast day October 22nd


Scrap Metal Fundraiser

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Knights of Columbus

 Scrap Metal Fundraiser

Metal Recycling Animation

May 1st - May 31st


Donate anything that contains metal Scrap metal, aluminum, copper, stoves, washers, dryers, brass, car parts, water heaters, etc… Please NO TV’s

For questions or pick up options contact Ray Drouin at (517) 372-4266

Officer Nominations & Elections

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Office Elections 01

Officer nominations and elections are once again upon us as we approach the end of one fraternal and head into the next. Positions are open for Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight, Chancellor, Recorder, Treasurer, Advocate, Warden, Inside & Outside Guards, and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Trustees.

If you would like to become an officer of Council 788, please contact our Nominations Committee Chairman PGK Mike Wegener at (517) 331-3959. Nominations will be taken at our Council meeting on Tuesday, May 12th with elections and any final nominations at our Council meeting on June 9th.

Flag Day Ceremony (June 14th)

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Flag Day 01

Flay Day this year is on Sunday, June 14th, and the Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Honor Guard will conduct a “Retirement Ceremony” for all of your tattered, torn, or faded American flags. This short ceremony will take place at dusk (approximately 8 pm) at the Columbus Hall at 5300 N. Grand River. You and your friends are all invited to attend and witness the beautiful ceremony which is being hosted by Bishop Albers Assembly #0496 and Lansing Assembly #3334. Various councils in our area as well as the local Boy Scot Troops will also be participating and all of our members are asked to attend.

In the meantime, a container has been placed in the main church entrance way. Please deposit your “used flags” in the container which will be emptied daily until June 14th. An alternative is to bring your used flags to the Columbus Hall any weekday after 4 pm, or simply bring them to the ceremony on Flag Day. The Knights of Columbus proudly serve St. Gerard Parish in this patriotic way.

Council Mug Sale Is Back

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Mug with stars

Changes have been made to the sale of mugs. Welcome Ladies!! Yes, any member on the Ladies Auxiliary, married to a Knight, or relative of a Knight can order a mug. Cost of mugs have gone up to $50 and your first and last name will be engraved on your mug along with a number. The number will be in sequence thus the next available number. No special numbers are allowed.

Special incentives have been added too. After you buy a mug you then qualify to earn up to 4 stars engraved on your mug! Below are the steps on receiving your stars. Each star is given out in the following order after you buy a mug.

  1. Fundraising Star” To earn this star you must chair (not co-chair) one or multiple functions/programs within one fiscal year (June – May) that generates $1000 towards our local charities or programs. Functions/programs chaired before buying a mug don’t count towards your totals.

  2. Helping Hand Star” To earn this star you must help with 12 functions/programs within one fiscal year (June – May) that generates monies towards our local charities or programs. This star is only obtainable after you have received the “Fundraising Star”. Functions/programs you have helped with before receiving the “Fundraising Star” don’t count towards this star.

  3. Mentorship Star” To earn this star you must sign up 3 new members within one fiscal year (June – May) and mentor them. Only “new” members are recognized towards this star. No reactivation, transfer, or reinstatements.

  4. Leadership Star” To earn this star you must first complete in getting your first three stars. Then become or have been a Grand Knight or Ladies Auxiliary President and lead your organization for one full fiscal year.

Functions, Programs, Charities, and Activities that are mentioned in the first two stars pertain to Council level Functions, Programs, Charities, and Activities. State and Supreme Functions, Programs, Charities, and Activities don’t count.

Attention members and Ladies that are not of Council 788. To get your first two stars the functions have to be raised and earned for Council 788 funds/activities. The other two stars can be earned from your home council.

The special incentives are designed to help keep us involved in helping others within our local communities through our beloved councils. To get all 4 stars is a challenge, but one that each and everyone of us are capable of doing.

--- Download the mug order form by clicking here ---

Will you be the first to have 4 stars?

4 Person Golf Scramble (June 27th)

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Golf Outing 2015

Knights of Columbus Council #788 4 Person Golf Scramble June 27th

Royal Scot Golf Course
4722 W. Grand River
Lansing, Michigan  48906

Registration: 7:30am - Shotgun Start: 8:30am
$60.00 Per Person - $240.00 Per Team

Questions Please Contact:
Jay Corey - 517-974-6501
Don Schmitz - 517-449-2355

Proceeds To Benefit St. Gerard Youth Group And Other Designated Knights of Columbus Charities

For more information and registration form Click Here

Coats For Kids Program

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Coats For Kids 2014 Picture

Pictured above are from left to right: Arnie Rios, Jim Thomas, Jeane Royale, Bob Corbbett, Joe Garcia, Director of the Cristo Rey Community Center, and DGK Justin Drouin. Absent from the photo is Jeff Lorence and Mike Wegener.

The Pinewood Open held on January 10th provided funds for the Coats For Kids program that was every successful. We were able to purchase two cases of coats that were given to the Cristo Rey Community Center to distribute to the needy youth in the Lansing area. Cristo Rey Community Center is a basic needs service provider with an emphasis on access to food and basic needed items including clothing, medical care, and mental health services.

We received a thank you from the Cristo Rey Community Center for these donations and participation in the Coats for Kids program. They stressed that is no cost to utilize their services which is open to any community member in need. Clothes of all sizes are in high demand for low income individuals and underserved populations and all donations help fill this crucial need. 

Jackie Royale

Seeking Placemat Advertisers

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Dear Brother Knights,

Reaching out to new customers and obtaining new business for our brother knights who own their own business is just as important as recruiting new members for our council, isn't it? With that said, Richard Council 788 is currently seeking placemat sponsors/advertisers for upcoming council dinners and events. Being a placemat sponsor has many benefits for your business while also allowing our council to continue to provide the highest quality of community service.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the benefits of being a Richard Council placemat sponsor/advertiser then please contact Michael Brandell at (517) 402-1605 or mdbrandell@gmail.com.

Mike Brandell

Kickball Schedule & Results

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Game Date  Game Time  Game Site Score  Home Team  Away Team Score
6-May  8:00PM  Sharp Park 5  Knights  Columbus 1
13-May  6:15PM  Delta Mills 0  Columbus  Ballbarians
   7:15PM  Sharp Park 0  Eagle Monk Growlers  Knights 1
20-May  6:15PM  Sharp Park    Knights  Ballbarians  
   7:15PM  Sharp Park    Columbus  The Otters  
27-May  6:15PM  Sharp Park    B-S-B  Knights  
   7:15PM  Sharp Park    Eagle Monk Growlers  Columbus  
3-Jun  6:15PM  Delta Mills    B-S-B  Columbus  
   7:15PM  Sharp Park    Knights  The Otters  
10-Jun  6:15PM  Sharp Park    Columbus  Knights  
17-Jun  6:15PM  Delta Mills    Ballbarians  Columbus  
   6:15PM  Sharp Park    Knights  Eagle Monk Growlers  
24-Jun  6:15PM  Sharp Park    The Otters  Columbus  
   7:15PM  Sharp Park    Ballbarians  Knights  
1-Jul  6:15PM  Sharp Park    Knights  B-S-B  
   7:15PM  Sharp Park    Columbus  Eagle Monk Growlers  
8-Jul  6:15PM  Delta Mills    Columbus  B-S-B  
   6:15PM  Sharp Park    The Otters  Knights  


All games at Delta Mills Park will be played on field #1. Address is 7001 Old River Trail Lansing MI 48917

All games at Sharp Park will be played on field #5. Address is 1401 Elmwood Road Lansing MI 48917

--- Rain outs will be posted on this website ---

Or you can call (517) 323-8555 press 1 (message posted after 4:30pm)

May 2015 Knight of the Month

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Congratulations to Don Ruthruff as our Knight of the Month.

May 2015 Family of the Month

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Congratulations to Mike & Pattie Schaefer our Family of the Month.

May Newsletter Available Online

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The May issue of the Lansing Columbian is made available for viewing in two formats below. A Flipbook version that needs no plugin to read or a PDF version that needs a plugin. We suggest using Foxit PDF reader over Adobe reader.


-- Lansing Columbian May 2015 (Flipbook) --

 -- Lansing Columbian May 2015 (PDF) --