2015 Pinewood Open

Published by: Dane Jurkovic on 01/12/2015      

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The second Richard Council 788 Pinewood Open to benefit Coats for Kids was held Saturday January 10, 2015.  The crews began arriving at about 11 am.  The engineering crew got busy constructing the track, Andrew Wegener unpacked two laptops and downloaded the racing software and learned how to organize the race, the track officials conducted the registration,  weigh in of all the cars and the track/software trials, the food/decorating crew prepared lunch for everyone and made the room very festive.  At 2 pm registration opened with fees very reasonable at $10 per car, and 27 hand- carved, unique cars were registered and entered.  Each car was different and fun.  From yellow buses, rails, half- track replicas, to hot rods, surf wagons and Big Ten Fanatic cars.  

Before racing began, everyone had the opportunity to vote for the non-racing trophy winners, Best Big Ten Entry, Most Creative and Most Likely to Get Pulled Over awards.  The ballots were cast via cash for each favorite entry, resulting in over $70 of votes!  Each winner was very deserving.  The excitement was palatable as the racing started with time trials to determine the racing tiers.  Each car raced a minimum of 4 times, one time trial, and 3 races in the tier.  The 4 finalists were selected by their racing success in the tier.  The resulting top 4 places were determined via head to head competition.  The First Place Winner was a youngster who showed up without a car and used one supplied by a participant who just happened to bring an extra!

The event was operated completely expense free as all the extras were sponsored.  The food, the trophies, the gift bags and the door prizes were all donated.  Between entry fees, votes and donations the event raised $445.00 towards the purchase of Coats for Kids.  The proceeds are enough to purchase two full cases of coats, 12 coats per case for a total of 24 coats.  One case of boy and one case of girl coats will be purchased.  The coats are high quality, stylish, winter coats.  This year’s recipient is Cristo Rey Community Center.  Cristo Rey Community Center serves the needy in the North Lansing area and these coats will make a tremendous positive impact to these families in need.  

Many thanks to all who a hand in the success of the 2015 Pinewood Open, especially the co-chairs, Jeane and Jackie Royale for their enthusiasm, organization, promotion and belief in the event.

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January 2015 Knight of the Month

Published by: Dane Jurkovic on 01/02/2015      

Congratulations to Scott Cole as our Knight of the Month.

January 2015 Family of the Month

Published by: Dane Jurkovic on 01/02/2015      

Congratulations to R. Jay & Katie Kussmaul our Family of the Month.