Lugnuts Game To Celebrate Vocations

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Lugnuts Game Celebrate Vocations


Friday, August 7th, 2015 @ 7:05 pm

The 2015 Knights Family Night to Celebrate Vocations is Friday, August 7th at Cooley Law School Stadium!  All are welcome!!

  1. Early entrance for families!
  2. Pre-game activities!
  3. Catholic Information Fair on the Concourse!
  4. Chances to win many in-game Lugnut prizes!
  5. Lugnut web pictures!
  6. Donated tickets will also be accepted to bring children from Holy Cross Children’s Services, St. Louis Center, and St. Vincent Home for Children.
  7. LAFCU Fireworks after the game!

TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE  at the Hall at 5300 N. Grand River.  Only 50 tickets are available at $12 EACH.  Seats are behind home plate, section F.  

Council Mug Sale Is Back

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Mug with stars

Changes have been made to the sale of mugs. Welcome Ladies!! Yes, any member on the Ladies Auxiliary, married to a Knight, or relative of a Knight can order a mug. Cost of mugs have gone up to $50 and your first and last name will be engraved on your mug along with a number. The number will be in sequence thus the next available number. No special numbers are allowed.

Special incentives have been added too. After you buy a mug you then qualify to earn up to 4 stars engraved on your mug! Below are the steps on receiving your stars. Each star is given out in the following order after you buy a mug.

  1. Fundraising Star” To earn this star you must chair (not co-chair) one or multiple functions/programs within one fiscal year (June – May) that generates $1000 towards our local charities or programs. Functions/programs chaired before buying a mug don’t count towards your totals.

  2. Helping Hand Star” To earn this star you must help with 12 functions/programs within one fiscal year (June – May) that generates monies towards our local charities or programs. This star is only obtainable after you have received the “Fundraising Star”. Functions/programs you have helped with before receiving the “Fundraising Star” don’t count towards this star.

  3. Mentorship Star” To earn this star you must sign up 3 new members within one fiscal year (June – May) and mentor them. Only “new” members are recognized towards this star. No reactivation, transfer, or reinstatements.

  4. Leadership Star” To earn this star you must first complete in getting your first three stars. Then become or have been a Grand Knight or Ladies Auxiliary President and lead your organization for one full fiscal year.

Functions, Programs, Charities, and Activities that are mentioned in the first two stars pertain to Council level Functions, Programs, Charities, and Activities. State and Supreme Functions, Programs, Charities, and Activities don’t count.

Attention members and Ladies that are not of Council 788. To get your first two stars the functions have to be raised and earned for Council 788 funds/activities. The other two stars can be earned from your home council.

The special incentives are designed to help keep us involved in helping others within our local communities through our beloved councils. To get all 4 stars is a challenge, but one that each and everyone of us are capable of doing.

---- Download the mug order form by clicking here ----

Will you be the first to have 4 stars?

Kickball Schedule & Results

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Game Date  Game Time  Game Site Score  Home Team  Away Team Score
6-May  8:00PM  Sharp Park 5  Knights  Columbus 1
13-May  6:15PM  Delta Mills 0  Columbus  Ballbarians  5 
   7:15PM  Sharp Park 0  Eagle Monk Growlers  Knights 1
20-May  6:15PM  Sharp Park  0   Knights  Ballbarians  9 
   7:15PM  Sharp Park  0   Columbus  The Otters 1
27-May  6:15PM  Sharp Park  3   B-S-B  Knights  1 
   7:15PM  Sharp Park 3  Eagle Monk Growlers  Columbus  3 
3-Jun  6:15PM  Delta Mills 7  B-S-B  Columbus  0 
   7:15PM  Sharp Park  Knights  The Otters  3 
10-Jun  6:15PM  Sharp Park  Columbus  Knights
17-Jun  6:15PM  Delta Mills Rain  Ballbarians  Columbus  Rain 
   6:15PM  Sharp Park  Rain   Knights  Eagle Monk Growlers  Rain 
24-Jun  6:15PM  Sharp Park 6  The Otters  Columbus 1
   7:15PM  Sharp Park  Ballbarians  Knights
1-Jul  6:15PM  Sharp Park    Knights  B-S-B  
   7:15PM  Sharp Park    Columbus  Eagle Monk Growlers  
8-Jul  6:15PM  Delta Mills    Columbus  B-S-B  
   6:15PM  Sharp Park    The Otters  Knights  


All games at Delta Mills Park will be played on field #1. Address is 7001 Old River Trail Lansing MI 48917

All games at Sharp Park will be played on field #5. Address is 1401 Elmwood Road Lansing MI 48917

--- Rain outs will be posted on this website ---

Or you can call (517) 323-8555 press 1 (message posted after 4:30pm)

District 4 Golf Scramble (August 29th)

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 Come join us for the District 4

4 Person Golf Scramble

Golf Scramble 01

Saturday – August 29th – Prairie Creek Golf Course

800 E Webb Rd.  Dewitt Michigan


$60.00 per Person ---- $240.00 per Team

PRICE INCLUDES:  18 Holes of Golf – Cart – Hot Dog at the turn –

2 Meat Dinner & Prizes following outing at Prairie Creek Banquet Hall

Hole Sponsors are also available for $50.00 each

---Click Here For Registration Form---

Columbus Hall Car Show (August 1st)

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Car Show 01

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Columbus Hall Car Show

5300 N. Grand River Ave.
Lansing, MI 48906

Car Show from 3:00 to 7:00 PM

Registration from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM 

$10.00 Registration Fee

*Food & Beverages Available for Purchase

*50/50 Raffle and Other Door/Raffle Prizes

*Trophies for People’s Choice Award

Top 15 as well as additional awards for “Best of Show” 

Car Show, Food and Beverages, and All Prizes Provided by the Lansing Columbian Association

2015 Castaways Tee Times (July 6th)

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Below are the unofficial tee times.

The official tee times have been sent to each player via email from Bob Gwizdala. 

July 6th 

4:30   Fred Thelen & Jack Powers -vs- Bob McDonald & Richard Stow
4:38   Brian Killian & Dane Jurkovic -vs- Terry Walsh & Larry Schraben
4:46   Bill Leveque jr & Bill LeVeque Sr -vs- Don Schmitz & Dick McCloy
4:54   George Mallison & Glenn Barry -vs- Mike McManus & Jay Corey
5:02   Dale Bassett & Jim Thomas -vs- Ken Rauscher & Tom Kalchik
5:10   Ernie Luttig & Connor Luttig -vs- Victor Kupatavetin & Toy Kupatavetin
5:18   Andrew Rademacher & Joe Rademaccher -vs- Richard Schmitz & Doug Dart
5:26   Ken Morrison & Mike Schaefer -vs- Bob Gwizdala & Ben Gwizdala
5:34   John Fiero & John Chapin -vs- Scott Cole & Carll Yarsenvich