Council #13360 - Check to Perinatal Hospice & Tender Care

Published by: Mark Tepen on 02/16/2019

The Christ the King Knights of Council #13360 dontated the funds raised during the M.I. Drive to Perinatal Hospice and Tender Care of Washtenaw County in Ann Arbor.

Perinatal Hospice and Tender Care of Washtenaw County is an organization that provides support to families whose unborn child has severe problems, but who choose to carry their baby to full term.  Often these babies die shortly after childbirth.  But when they survive childbirth, they are severely disabled.  According to Janet Holtz, Director at Perinatal Hospice,   "The primary purpose of Perinatal Hospice of Washtenaw is to provide support to families who have been told that their unborn baby has an adverse diagnosis. Sometimes the condition diagnosed will result in an early death of the baby and sometimes it means that the child will have significant problems throughout life . Often that can mean mental and physical retardation. We help these families find resources and offer them guidance on their path.  We also provide them with special mementos of the child’s birth and life and continued support for whatever length of time they need it."

Pictured below is Deputy Grand Knight Mark Tepen (right) presenting the check to Janet Holtz (left) from Perinatal Hospice.

Perinatal Hospice