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Men!  Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Our communities need strong Catholic men to answer the call to lead with faith, protect our families, serve others, and defend our values.

For over one hundred years, the Knights of Columbus has done exactly that:  standing for the Church, serving the least among us, and strengthening our parishes and families.

Eligible Catholic men can now join the Knights online in a simple, streamlined process.  As a member, you join a worldwide community of nearly two million men, including more than 65,000 in Michigan, who stand together.

Men have a duty to lead, protect, serve, and defend.  The world needs more committed, unified Catholic men to anser the call.  Will you answer?

Visit to learn more about the many benefits of membership in the Knights.  You also will find information there about Knights activities in Michigan, around the nation, and around the world.  



Chaplain                                        Fr. Mark Peacock

Grand Knight                                 Todd Gross

Deputy Grand Knight                      Brian Mauric

Chancellor                                     Steve Peck

Financial Secretary                         Dan White

Recorder                                        Andrew Mauric

Treasurer                                       Robert Johnson

Advocate                                        Joe Keller

Warden                                          Michael Lyons

Inside Guard                                  Steven T. Gomez

Outside Guard                                Larry Manley

Third Year Trustee                          Ron Thomet

Second Year Trustee                       Dennis Brown

First Year Trustee                            Mike Brown

Lecturer                                          Open

Newsletter Editor                            Ed Donahue

Insurance Agent                             Robert Taylor



General Membership Meeting

Every 3rd Monday in the Erin Isle Room at 7:00 p.m....Sharp!

     All knights are encouraged to attend.






    17.....St. Patrick Day Dinner in the Parish Center at 6:00 p.m.



         8.....K of C Breakfast in the Multipurpose Room



      6.....K of C Breakfast in the Multipurpose Room



Council Newsletter:  

March 2018 Newsletter


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