2018 St. Andre Bessette Parish Picnic

Published by: Vernell Smith on 10/16/2018 (119 Hits)    

On August 12, 2018 St. Andre Bessette Parish had a picnic at Council Park in Lincoln Park, MI.  Knights of Columbus Monsignor Champion Council helped with music, cooking hot dogs and hamburgers.  Following are some pictures taken during the event.

2018 SAB Picnic 17


2018 SAB Picnic 01

Ron Edwards and parishioner cooking hamburgers.

2018 SAP Picnic 02

Jim Young and Charles Hunter getting set to cook hot dogs.

2018 SAB Picnic 03

Mike Kakos supplied generator for Cliff Eberts to play music.

2018 SAB Picnic 04

Kids playing.

2018 SAB Picnic 05

Cliff Eberts playing music.

2018 SAB Picnic 06

Brother Knights Stanley Hill enjoying picnic with orther parishioners.

2018 SAB Picnic 07

Parishioners enjoying themselves.

2018 SAB Picnic 08

Mike Kakos, Ron Edwards, parishioner grilling hamburgers, and Jim Young grilling hot dogs.

2018 SAB Picnic 12

Irene enjoying herself.


2018 SAB Picnic 14

Jim Young and Fernando Contreras.

2018 SAB Picnic 15

Fr. O'Keke talking with a parishioner.

2018 SAB Picnic 16

Other parishioners enjoying themselves.