St. Andre Bessette Annual Festival

Published by: Vernell Smith on 09/27/2019 (28 Hits)    

St. Andre Bessette had their annual festival September 6th thru the 8th, 2019.  The Knights of Columbus supplied the pop for the festival and help with the set up.  Following are some pictures of the event.


Cliff Eberts, K of C member.

IMG 1068 R SAB Festival 19.01

Alma Smith, wife of K of C member, buying raffle tickets.

IMG 1069 R SAB Festival 19.02

Patrons enjoying themselves.

IMG 1070 R SAB Festival 19.03

Food line.  Different ethnic foods.  Italian, Greek, Mexican, Polish, American, etc.

IMG 1073 R SAB Festival 19.04

Fr. O'Keke, Fr. Paul, Fr. John and Fr. Lawrence enjoying themselves.

IMG 1074 R SAB Festival 19.05