Never a better time to call your K of C Agent

Published by: Gregory Miskowiec on 11/02/2016 (659 Hits)    

Never a Better Time to Call

 By Thomas P. Smith, Jr. Executive Vice President Agencies & Marketing

Here is the one thing we all have to remember as we navigate these very difficult economic waters:  Our view of the financial services industry does not change our need for financial products.  Nothing that has happened on Wall Street impacts the amount of money you will need when you retire; or how much life insurance you need to protect your family; or whether a long-term care product has a place in your life.  Regardless of whether or not you feel confident in the nation’s stock brokerage or investment firms, remember that your family’s needs have not changed!  If anything, your needs have increase.

I worry that too many of us are frozen with uncertainty.  We are aware of the crisis and aware of the ongoing need to plan and protect, but we are still waiting it out and hunkering down.

By now, you likely know that Knights of Columbus Insurance is doing fine.  We still guarantee our retirement product interest rates; we still sell quality whole life insurance that has paid a dividend every year (including 2009); and we still have never raised premiums on our long-term care product. We also still have more than 1,400 full time, professionally trained representatives willing to offer you and your family the benefit of their wisdom.  You are the priority here. Our only clients are members and their families. 

So don’t be afraid.  If you think there is no one you can trust, think again.  If you think things just keep going from bad to worse, we can help you.  All it takes is one phone call to your local agent and one conversation about what steps you can take to protect yourself and your family.  There has never been a more critical time to make that call.  I can help.

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