Council #13360 - January Knight and Family of the Month

Published by: Mark Tepen on 03/06/2019 (36 Hits)    

January Knight of the Month:  The late Bill Champion. 

Bill served for many years as Lecturer of our council.  Bill organized the bi-monthly talks by various guest speakers held usually at 7:00pm before the council's Business Meeting.  Bill also was the primary connection between our council and the parish Right-to-Life group.  He also gave witness to the inherent value of each human life by the way in which he lovingly cared for his wife, Theresa, as her dementia worsened over the last several years.  


January Family of the Month:  Deacon Lou and Mary Russello. 

Deacon Lou, a member of our KofC council, has assisted at many different parish programs and activities in his role as an ordained deacon.  He is now recovering from illness and temporarily stepping back from major duties.  Mary is ready to step up for so many different parish activities and programs.