District Deputy Dan Gibbons Newsletter Article - Dec 2018

Published by: Mark Tepen on 12/03/2018 (120 Hits)    

The State Winter Meeting was held on November 30th and December 1st. In attendance were the State of Michigan leadership team, clergy representing each diocese, and most of the state District Deputies. The main topic of the meeting was membership.

As your District Deputy, my main responsibility is to ensure growth for each council. This is where the Faith in Action programs I've been discussing in my monthly newsletters come into play. We need to become an organization that believes in, promotes, and lives our faith. With the rapidly changing society in which we live, men are aching for meaning in their lives, a challenge that pushes them to be better, and fraternity with other men that are striving for a greater goal in life. 

The most poignant talk during the state meeting was by our State Chaplain, Father Paul Erickson, on Praying the Scriptures (Lecto Divina). This is a way to bring the scriptures alive through reading and meditation.

At the end of the weekend, Fr Paul stood before us all and said “Turning and listening to the Voice of God is not an option! It is the most important aspect of becoming the men we need to be, and building our councils. We owe each man in our parishes the opportunity to join the Knights and together, we can all become the men that we were created to be.

Vivat Jesus!


DD Dan Gibbons


District 57