District Deputy Dan Gibbons Newsletter Article - April 2018

Published by: Mark Tepen on 03/31/2018 (187 Hits)    

A few months ago I watched To Kill a Mockingbird on cable. After the movie, the host mentioned that a survey of movie critics showed the number one heroic character in cinema was Atticus Finch. Gregory Peck played this southern attorney who always did and said the right thing to perfection.

I would agree with the survey because Atticus is the type of man I long to be, a man of true virtue. He put the love of his children, and service to his clients above his own pleasure and comfort.

This is what it means to be Catholic, willing the good of the other person. We are called to serve others, humbly. Our actions and words impact the world around us. We may never know the impact we've had on others, but we can be assured through our faith in Jesus that good will come from living our lives for him.

The core principles of the Knights of Columbus; charity, unity, and fraternity unite us all and together help us build Christ's church - one, holy, catholic apostolic.

We owe every man in our parishes the opportunity to be a knight, and be a virtuous hero to those we love.

Vivat Jesus!

Dan Gibbons, DD

District 57