Welcome to Council Net!

Council Net is a network of hierarchical websites dedicated to each State. Council Net is designed to help promote information from the vast levels of Columbianism throughout each state down to each individual council. Each State has its own Council Net that includes one state level website, diocesan websites, district websites, and council websites.

The model of promoting information:
When an article, picture, video, or document is posted on a website that information then is automatically posted to each child website underneath it. Thus promoting information to every level down to the individual Council.

We focus our energy and talents on building websites to help Knights of Columbus Councils keep their membership active and involved within their community. More importantly giving councils a web presents that attract good hearted Catholic men to the order.

We take care of maintaining the technical side of your website so you can focus your efforts on your membership's growth. We have developed a turnkey solution for councils that is robust and easy to use at an affordable price!

Available now:
  • State Websites
  • Diocesan Websites
  • District Websites
  • Council Websites

New features are constantly being added at no additional price. When you sign up you select what features you want to enable. You will have the ability to turn on or off features anytime thus creating a custom site for your council.